Sketches in Words

Feet dangled over railway platform's edge hoping the train don't come

A Place to Breathe

My, what a lovely place you have, you must be very proud I love your modern furniture and the space that you’ve allowed the kitchen is so stylish, are these appliances new? I’d love one of those in our place, I bet it cost a few

The Lifestyle you Ordered

The lifestyle you ordered is currently out of stock our warehouse has been stripped of supplies our people are working around the clock to ensure you get your hands on the prize

I Remembered Yesterday

I remembered yesterday the times that I have with you And visions of the grateful days and all that I have wished for you I’d stand out in the wind and cold and meet you in the rain and offer no patronising words to beat us up or take away our pain


Lamingtons are cool, lamingtons are a hit I like eating lamingtons more than just a bit

A Day in the Town

There's a ghost selling memories down by the shore as a jury decides its fate there’s a man of religion knocking at my door I need to lie down, he can wait.

My Own Best Friend

Stooping down and listless still the rain, the pavement scarried the men they took my food and oil and all that I had carried

Floyd Collins

Floyd Collins sat on the hood of his Dodge putting on his walking shoes. The “hood” is a much more appropriate name to describe the flap that opens up to the engine than what the English would refer to as the “bonnet”, which is what you put on the head of a one year old English girl who’ll grow up to marry a gentleman of the aristocracy.

I Found You

Princes priests and diplomats are trying to explain The times that we are living in the rumbling in my brain
Watching the Detectives

Watching the Detectives

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The Boy with the Broken Arm

One wet, cold September night some years ago now, a boy was born. It was late, his father, a veterinary surgeon, was out tending to another birth, a cow, in a time when it was hardly expected that a father would be in attendance for the birth of his child, he would be much more likely to be asleep, or having drinks with friends, than with his wife about to give birth.

Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen bent down, the brown paper bag lay on the ground in full view. He picked it up and he looked inside. It was money, a lot of money, crisp new notes. Someone’s betting money Patrick thought. Maybe it’s ill gotten gains, he had no way of knowing, it was a racetrack after all and gains were there to be had, both ill gotten and legitimate.

King & Webber

Webber and King were walking towards the one cafe on the main road of Grey’s River, it offered what appeared to be the best chance of a decent breakfast.


Lulu sat on the edge of her bed and contemplated it, before she started slashing. And so the violence began, controlled violence though it was, down the arms, across the chest, down the back of legs; none of it designed to inflict real damage but enough to draw attention to the inalienable fact that Lulu wanted someone to listen to her.

Colin Birtles is stuck in traffic

Colin Birtles is stuck in traffic, or more to the point, stuck in his car, in a queue, at a service station, idling his engine, with other unfortunates, in traffic, victims all of a garish advertising sign offering a fuel price discount, pock marked on the side of the road, with all the other pock marks, blathering the health benefits of Gatorade, the communication benefits of a mobile phone, or the freedom offered by the latest Jeep.

Peace in the Middle East

- So, do you think there will be peace in the Middle East? - What was that? - I said, do you think there will be peace in the Middle East? - What sort of question is that? - A serious one. It was a Spring morning, the warmth of the season just getting into swing,...

Louisa Michaud

Louisa Michaud

Louisa Michaud’s eyesight is fading, so she asks for assistance as to who is looking good. “‘Qui est fort?’” she shouts out, expecting to be given a short summary by anyone nearby, offering a complimentary glass of her home made Sauterne in appreciation. The...