FAQs (BTAA Committee Discussion & Comments Page)

Questions posted by BTAA Committee Members are presented as Comments on the left, with responses, or Answers, presented as Replies. To add an FAQs question simply make a comment at the bottom of the page. To reply to either a comment or to a reply use the Reply button alongside the applicable response.

Feel free also to answer your own question if you have a response, it would reveal a penchant for a political career. The questions and responses here are not intended to be definitive – it’s an ideas & discussion page. The FAQs page that will be presented on the BTAA website will be subjected to thorough review.

We don’t want our FAQs page to be unwieldy – we would like to keep it compact and list the main elements of what we are about. Put your name into the Name field, first name is fine. You may experience a short delay when you post for the first time, while your email address is verified. It will still get posted. Thereafter your responses should appear immediately. The most recent questions appear first.


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