BTAA Website Project Plan (2018) Discussions

Rather than have us wade through lengthy and detailed Project Plan documents, it might be easier for us to have a forum where we post ideas for the new website.



  1. Steve

    What information can we present on the new website better than we present on the current site?

  2. Steve

    How do we communicate (or engage) with our members/subscribers better?

    • Steve

      I believe our e-Newsletter is a top notch document. We need to be able to use it to give our members an incentive to head back to the website to communicate with us.

  3. Billy Williams

    Thanks Steve for doing all the hard yatds here with revamping the website to be more user friendly.
    I think we could streamline the top bar buttons in the area of ‘Who We Are’ and ‘Resources’ They cover some of the same ground. I think it would be helpful to streamline or consolidate the Support Organisations field In particular by providing links or direct connections to the local BTAA patient / carer support groups. At the moment we have a geographic area listing – ACT, WA, NSW etc but this does not take you anywhere and you would need to phone the 1800 number to find out about a local support group.
    I think putting the BTAA support groups up on the top line or more prominently would help the user. I hope this is clear and helpful! If not ask me directly.

    • Stephen Newman

      You’re spot on with the SUPPORT GROUP observation Billy. It will be significantly improved, with an interactive map allowing people to click on locations with support group profiles popping up, or something as good or better.

  4. Steve

    What are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT components of BTAA. In other words, what is our reason for being?

  5. Steve

    What are the 3 MOST IMPORTANT features of the BTAA website?
    Examples might be: Being able to more easily locate support groups; easier to digest information on clinical trials; how to obtain financial support; easily access information on treatment options.

  6. Stephen Newman

    We need to feature CLINICAL TRIALS much more prominently on the website, we need to make it EASIER for people to find this information – it needs to be a large panel on a prominently displayed CLINICAL TRIALS page.


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