ISBN: 9781925681079
Audience: Literary Fiction
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number of Pages: 327
Published: October 2017
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm
Edition Number: 2

Marty Culhane is heading out of town. He has lost his girlfriend Tilda and their new born child in a collision with a long haul truck on an Australian country road as they are on their way to show the new born to Tilda’s parents. Marty escapes to London. Things are not working out as planned, the various attempts at redemption, of reconciliation, gives way to the idea of being somewhere, and someone, else.

While this is happening, his brother, Fergus, returns with his family from a holiday, to discover his successful corporate career at a crossroads, a boss who no longer feels the need to rely on him, and his son Toby, who he had predestined for sporting glory, with constant headaches that threaten every version of his own predetermined plan.

Collision doesn’t turn a blind eye to human nature, it reveals struggles with alienation everywhere you look. It’s people attempting to come to terms with plans that don’t quite work out and trying to find a way through.

Floyd Collins

Floyd Collins sat on the hood of his Dodge putting on his walking shoes. The “hood” is a much more appropriate name to describe the flap that opens up to the engine than what the English would refer to as the “bonnet”, which is what you put on the head of a one year old English girl who’ll grow up to marry a gentleman of the aristocracy.

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The Boy with the Broken Arm

One wet, cold September night some years ago now, a boy was born. It was late, his father, a veterinary surgeon, was out tending to another birth, a cow, in a time when it was hardly expected that a father would be in attendance for the birth of his child, he would be much more likely to be asleep, or having drinks with friends, than with his wife about to give birth.

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Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen bent down, the brown paper bag lay on the ground in full view. He picked it up and he looked inside. It was money, a lot of money, crisp new notes. Someone’s betting money Patrick thought. Maybe it’s ill gotten gains, he had no way of knowing, it was a racetrack after all and gains were there to be had, both ill gotten and legitimate.

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