ISBN: 9781925681079
Audience: Literary Fiction
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number of Pages: 327
First Published: March 2015
Publisher: Vivid Publishing
Dimensions: 21cm x 14cm
Edition Number: 2

Marty Culhane is heading out of town, to another country. He has lost his girlfriend Tilda and their new born child in a collision with a long haul truck on an Australian country road as they are on their way to show the new born to Tilda’s parents.

Things are not working out as planned, the various attempts at redemption, of reconciliation, gives way to the idea of being somewhere, and someone, else.

While this is happening, his brother, Fergus, returns with his family from a holiday, to discover his successful corporate career at a crossroads, a boss who no longer feels the need to rely on him, and his son, who he had predestined for sporting glory, with constant headaches that threaten every version of his own predetermined plan.

Collision doesn’t turn a blind eye to human nature, it reveals struggles with alienation everywhere you look. It’s an allegory of modern times, a challenge to the meme of getting ahead, of who we blame when things go wrong, the discovery of wisdom that cries in the street.


Lulu sat on the edge of her bed and contemplated it, before she started slashing. And so the violence began, controlled violence though it was, down the arms, across the chest, down the back of legs; none of it designed to inflict real damage but enough to draw attention to the inalienable fact that Lulu wanted someone to listen to her.

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Theodore Claw

What was meant to be an evening of conviviality amongst friends and acquaintances amidst the deep furnishings, large squashy cushions, paintings and dark woollen wall hangings from Turkey in the living room lined by book shelves containing manuscripts and novels, texts and biographies of those who pleaded to have their stories told…

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