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We speak truth to power and we eat our greens

There are no recipes here, although the advice holds - it's good to eat your greens. Eating our greens is good for us and, in time, we come to love them. Some of us even end up growing them. Being informed is also good for us, it's a core responsibility we have as humans, as is giving way to pedestrians, sharing our food with a stranger, greeting our neighbour and not drinking bad coffee.

Even more than that, if we want a kinder, gentler, more compassionate society, one which, presumably, we would all benefit from, it's also incumbent upon us to refrain from taking a position on any subject by basing that position on an ideology, merely because we are not prepared to apply the intellectual rigour required to properly understand it.

With that as a foundation, it's reasonable therefore to conclude that in today's world, with its surfeit of news coverage, and with it no shortage of opinion, on topics various - drought, bushfires, water management, the environment, climate change, economics, human rights, the welfare of others, political machinations, the list goes on, we need to, dare I say, be attentive and with it develop the skills to separate well constructed reportage from mere opinion, masquearading as analysis.

It's against this background of news saturation that a library of 3,000+ (and counting) pieces of credible journalism from reliable sources was established. It morphed into 'Eat Your Greens', in an attempt to present information, easily accessible, that contributes to making us a better informed, gentler and kinder society. It's also incumbent upon us, if we are to have this kinder, gentler, more compassionate society, that we hold the political class to account.

There are no answers here, only questions, that is what good journalism does, it shines a light into dark corners that the powers that be are happy to have remain in darkness. 'Eat Your Greens' attempts to expose this and hold accountable those who weild power, by shining a light into those dark corners and turning over some rocks - and - who wouldn't want that. Read on.

Every now and then someone will begin a sentence with "I'm no expert but …" which will invariably, though not always, precede a monologue resembling little more than a passing acquaintance to the subject at hand, revealing the speaker's pre-conceived version of the truth. This is not knowledge, it's an opinion, which, as Plato put it, is the bridge between ignorance and knowledge, and which outs itself as nothing more than ideology.

Ideology is not grounded in kindness or knowledge, it's usually grounded in the preservation of power, in privilege, prejudice, in any or all its manifest forms, or in fear, or a combination of all of those things. Ideology preserves injustice, destruction of environment, marginalisation of minorities, racism, institutionalised discrimination, species extinction, preservation of privilege, and high-office graft. And for the ideologue, the truth of a matter, or the facts that may prove or undermine their ideology more often than not are less important than the number of people prepared to believe in it.

Ideology encourages hyper-partisan reasoning due to what psychologists call "motivated cognition," which is the act of deciding what you want to believe and using your reasoning power, with all its might, to get you there. Just as it's true for individuals, it's also true for organisations and nation states. The manifestation of this is essentially that, for example, a racist will always be a racist, a bigot will always be a bigot, a fundamentalist will always be so, vociferous in their denials. What it takes to shift these views is usually a life-changing event and life changing events generally can not be planned or orchestrated.

Economic Ideology, for example, as it's extant is underlined by the following patently contradictory statement by Australia's Prime Minister, who evidently does not recognise irony when he sees it, in response to the government's reducing the Jobseeker payment - "the government can’t allow the lifeline [to] hold Australia back as we move into the next phases of recovery." (Nov '20). Whilst this statement (article here) demands closer examination it's perhaps best left to let it speak for itself, or, in the spirit of Hamlet, allow it to be "hoist with its own petard."

'Eat Your Greens' looks at the juxtaposition between economy and society, a distinction that political ideology fails to make. Making political decisions based solely on an Ideology starts wars, divides communities, discourages innovation, promotes secrecy and advances prejudices. And yet ideology is often based on minimal examination or appreciation of the things that make a society work. It's good then to ask oursleves how we might go about defining one.

The modern incarnation of the term, popularised by post World War II free-market proponents, such as economist Milton Friedman, emanated out of a push-back against post-Keynesian theories that advanced the view that the state is best positioned to support the social and economic well-being of its citizens. Keynesian economics got us through the post war recovery so I don't quite know from where neo-liberals might get their evidence to back their assertions.

Neo-liberalism's underlying principle is one of the State having a passive, rather than an active, role in society and economy, although the theory never holds because governments intervene in the economy when it suits their ideology, which, with that one single stroke, has their theory disproven. It's proponents claim that the market is better positioned to deliver prosperity, health outcomes and many services hitherto the preserve of governments, adopting a “if it's not working, and particularly if it is working, let the market take it over” philosophy. If there was a single event to punch a crater size hole in that theory it is Covid-19, although it's not as if we weren't warned, with the failure of the privatised aged care system being its poster child.

A neo-liberal would advocate government staying out of the way and allowing individuals decide, individualism being the bastard child of neo-liberalism. This meme falls at the first and most fundamental hurdle, that being a mis-interpration of what economics actually is. Economics has very little to do with maths, or statistics, it’s not logical, it never has been.

Economics is a study in sociology, it’s irrational, mad as a cat and prone to outbursts that defy the logic purported to it. A neo-liberal, even a rabid one, would surely not attempt to make the claim that their theory is a panacea but nonetheless, they will almost always look to the market as the default setting for addressing what they adjudicate to be a hitherto faulty or implacable situation.

Let’s step back a bit - the natural enemy of the neo-liberal would be the socialist, another term most people would struggle to muster up a definition of. Broadly speaking, socialism is the democratic (or in some cases, the revolutionary) socialisation of the means of industry, production, distribution and exchange. In its diluted form then, socialism exists in some form or another, in every developed country in the world. Each time a government interferes in the market, it is, by its actions, setting aside any ideological adherence to neo-liberalism while at the same time trumpeting its virtues.

Publicly funded health care is a form of socialism yet very few of us would demand that the government placed the responsibility for health care wholly and solely into the hands of the market, particularly given that private health care costs two to three times the cost of operating the public system. It would represent something more than an act of political folly.

Neo-liberalism, econonically speaking, advocates a takeover, while politically it abdicates responsibility, arguing that it has handed over control and therefore oversight, to the market. It will argue that is therefore not at fault if the whole thing implodes. And here is the rub, neo-liberals find it almost impossible to seperate a society from an economy, they view the economy as holding primacy and believe that all good things emanate from it. Time and time again they are proved wrong and time and time again, they look for new strategies to implement and promote their logic. We only have to look at how neo-liberalism increased inequality in the aftermath of the GFC to prove the point.

There is no doubt that the market has given us great innovation, it can and does drive progress but it is, at its core, an amoral system, it makes no attempts at being moral, nor should it - such that any contingency related to catering to the needs of people, be it fairness kindness, or compassion will have a price, or cost, assigned to it, set against the end result, which is not fairness, kindness or compassion but profit.

Neo-liberalism doesn’t fix things - it doesn’t, for example, provide for an equitable health care system or solve the problem of homelessness or domestic violence. It’s not designed for equity, rather the opposite, it’s designed for inequity, there is always winners and losers, it’s the core of its model.

It’s important to note that Socialism on it’s own does not work any more than neo-liberalism on its own does, however, neo-liberalism as it’s advocated by our current government, does not deliver a strong or fair civil society any more than putting a saddle on a horse guarantees that you will be able to ride it. Neo-liberalism makes no effort to account for suffering, citing disadvantage as a natural by-product of a healthy economy and therefore, according to the neo-liberal model, a healthy society. I enjoy the dynamics of the market and the benefits it can provide but at the same time I bristle when caring for people is reduced to an auction, it begets the things that diminishes us as a society and reflects back to us our core values.

There is no such thing as Society, well ok, according to Margaret Thatcher there isn’t, only individual men and women, and families. This noble yet flawed notion makes sense only so long as the model holds its ground. It’s when something, say, a pandemic, comes along to shatter every flank and gland of that theory that it forces each individual in this supposedly non-existent society to abruptly adjust their ideological position. Although, for some close to home, that position appears to die hard. There is a cogent argument to suggest then that Individualism flourishes when all is going well but Collectivism flourishes when things are not so flash. So, to extend the argument, why not make it permanent.

The idea that an individual might have to reject, or at least sideline, the ideal of collectivism in order to make personal progress in the world might have come about as a result of a certain hostility towards the original idea of Collectivism, with its shadowy association with the evils, perceived or otherwise, of Socialism. The “if we go down the path of this collectivism idea then we’ll all become Socialists” theory is daily debunked because governments intervene constantly on behalf of the collective, or so it is assumed, or promoted.

The results of individualism are supposed to be, firstly, Freedom, followed close behind by Prosperity - however, ask the parent of a child diagnosed with a life changing illness or living with a disability for their definition of freedom and prosperity and you’ll likely get a very different answer to the same question asked of the couple around the corner renovating their house. Individualism lurks within that rich tapestry of aspirational cornucopia we are reminded we’re all entitled to - take away our individualism and, we are told, you take away our aspiration.

Individualism will always rise in good times and in bad, it promotes innovative thinking, it enhances lifestyles but making our way knowing, or at least feeling, that we make true progress as a Society, having our individualism flourish as part of a collective shifts the ideas of freedom, prosperity and aspiration to another level of our being. We become a great society when the attention Individualism demands in order to succeed is set aside. It won’t prevent the individual prospering and it might just save one somewhere else.

"Opinion is the bridge between ignorance and knowledge" - Plato …

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Cover up – covering up government and ministerial incompetence, concealing government decisions, denying or hiding conflict of interest, government graft
Corruption – public money used to fund Liberal Party research, ignoring warnings on sports rorts, fossil fuel interests given grant money, defying Treasury advice in favour of Party donors, government largesse in favour of Party donors, appointment of ideologically aligned people to government bodies
Ministerial & government accountability – workplace bullying, aged care, Ruby Princess, Robodebt, Great Barrier Reef, sports rorts, military war crimes, NBN, abuse of women
Government Incompetence – Ruby Princess, myGov website crash, Aged Care oversight, visa applications, NBN, CovidSafe app, Covid vaccine rollout
Conflict of interest – grants to associates, Covid Commission members, Ministers accepting lobbying, Ministerial responsibility and business interests colliding
Suppression of dissent – legislation, police action, control of narrative, threats to job or career, individuals being silenced
Secrecy/Refusal to release information – refusal to make documents available, PM rejecting the premise of questions, refusing to answer questions, claiming the issue is someone else’s responsibility, secrecy of legal proceedings, secrecy of Covid Commission, PM ditching plans for transparency, refusal to release COVID SafeApp data, refusal to release documents under FOI, refusal to release reports on public entities, refusal to release information on government advertising, refusal to release notes of national cabinet meetings, refusal to release Covid vaccination information
Ignoring experts on Covid recovery & other programmes – advice from Climate Change Authority, Reserve Bank, major consulting firms, CSIRO, AEMO, business groups, responsible lending obligations, technology community, NDIS, Medical procedures, mental health recommendations
Disenfranchisement of women – ignored in budget, women at risk of homelessness, dismantling of childcare support, workplace bullying, refusing to listen to domestic violence experts, sexual assault, refusing to conduct an inquiry into sexual assault allegations
Announcements that lead to nothing – drought relief, CovidSafe App, Job-Maker, HomeBuilder, Arts rescue package, bush-fire relief, climate change forum, Great Barrier Reef, Covid vaccine rollout, discount air travel schemes
Government & PM self-promotion – bush-fire advertisements, Covid advertisements, empathy consultants, employing a personal photographer
Backing or subsidising fossil fuel – Adani, Narrabri Gas, Covid Recovery, Acland coal, BHP, Shine Energy, Whitehaven Coal, Vickery mine, threatening banks who do not fund projects, funding new gas exploration, another coal mine, PM backing coal for decades to come
Markets ditching fossil fuels – Insurers refusing to insure fossil fuel projects, Australian and world banks opting out of financing fossil fuel projects, coal mines closing down, fund managers dumping fossil fuel stocks.
Climate change denial/inaction/misinformation – claim that climate change doesn’t cause bushfires, no vehicle emissions standards or EV targets, claim that Australia can do little, refusal to set an electric vehicle target, PM claiming coal is will serve Australia for decades to come, Minerals Council propaganda
Legislated environmental destruction – species extinction, land clearing, refusal to act, complicity with vested interests, dilution of environmental protections, government appointments, cuts to funding, abolishing government bodies, suppressing dissent
Asylum seekers denied justice – justice postponed, applications deferred, bureaucratic obfuscation, abuse, denied care, deported because of a medical condition, Biloela family
Perpetuating inequality – gig economy worker protections, rental market for older Australians




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                                Backflips on China no problem for Morrison's inconsistent government | Crikey (May ’21)

                                Look at Morrison and see for yourself - Pearls and Irritations (Apr ’21)

                                Morrison now claims he never mocked electric vehicle technology | The Driven (Apr ’21)

                                Michael Pascoe: Morrison’s mud throwing is worse than it seems | The New Daily (Mar ’21)

                                The moral deadening | The Monthly (Feb ’21)

                                Yeah, right. Harold Holt's in China and PM knew nothing | New Daily (Feb ’21)

                                Scott Morrison summed up | Australia news | The Guardian (Feb '21)

                                Australia Day: Scott Morrison loves playing politics, hates it when others do | Crikey (Jan '21)

                                Scott Morrison’s attempt at distance from Trump was as tepid as it was late | Australian politics | The Guardian (Jan '21)

                                Atkins: All politicians lie, but Scott Morrison's untruths transcend the usual | New Daily (Dec ’20)

                                Morrison government asks ABC to justify why explosive Four Corners episode was impartial and newsworthy | SBS (Dec ’20)

                                'One side of politics': Morrison attempts to paint ABC affair reports as bias | The Mandarin (Nov ’20)

                                In a single press conference, Scott Morrison showed us exactly what it's like to be a woman in politics. | Mama Mia (Nov ’20)

                                ScoMo Has Been Called Out For Hypocrisy, Again, This Time Over The Branch Stacking Scandal | Junkee (Aug '20)

                                The blatant hypocrisy of Scott Morrison’s Christian faith | Independent Australia (Sep ’19)

                                How Scott Morrison changed his tune on the banking royal commission | SMH (Apr ’18)

                                Morrison sees votes in anti-Muslim strategy | SMH (Feb ’11)

                                Michael Pascoe: Federal government doesn’t care about the housing crisis | The New Daily (Apr '21)

                                Morrison fixed on tax cuts as US and Britain embrace big government | The Saturday Paper (Apr '21)

                                Move over neoliberalism; rentier capitalism is now king | Pearls and Irritations (Feb '21)

                                Scrapping responsible lending laws a 'disaster' that could drown Australians in debt, consumer groups say | Banking | The Guardian (Jan '21)

                                Covid-19 has exposed the catastrophic impact of privatising vital services | The Guardian (Oct '20)

                                Some say neoliberals have destroyed the world, but now they want to save it. Is Scott Morrison listening? | The Conversation (Oct '20)

                                The spread of coronavirus in Australia is not the fault of individuals but a result of neoliberalism | The Guardian (Aug ’20)

                                Will ideology assert itself in Australia's recovery? That's the question as we head into budget week | The Guardian (Oct '20)

                                The perils of privatisation and private greed | John Menadue (Aug '20)

                                The Morrison government is using the COVID-19 crisis to devastate the public service, the ABC, the arts and tertiary education | The Monthly (Aug '20)

                                Archaic ideas of market liberalism continue to wreak havoc | Ind Aust (Jun '20)

                                Trickle-down theory continues to feed the rich | Ind Aust (May '20)

                                Vital Signs: Australia’s nation-building opportunity held hostage by the deficit daleks | The Conversation (Dec '19)

                                Election 2019: Another dose of fear | Per Capita (May '19)

                                Win or lose the next election, it may be time for the Liberals to rethink their economic narrative | The Conversation (Feb '19)

                                  secrecy of government

                                  Commonwealth prosecutors wrong on Witness K case, former NSW DPP says | Witness K case | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                                  Judge rules Australian government's attempt to obstruct Bernard Collaery's use of barrister 'unfair' | Witness K case | The Guardian (Feb '21)

                                  Secrecy in trial of Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery an offence against open justice: law council | The Guardian (Oct '20)

                                  Australian government cites 'chilling effect' on cabinet in bid to block release of papers in Timor-Leste spy case | The Guardian (Sep ’20)

                                  Witness K is in the dock but institutions vital to Australia’s democracy are on trial | The Guardian (Sep ’20)

                                  Coalition’s push for secret trials: behaviour of a tin-pot dictatorship | Michael West (Sep ’20)

                                  Australian government spends almost $3m waging ‘war’ on whistleblowers in court | The Guardian (Aug ’20)

                                  The secrecy in the Witness K case is an attempt by the government to avoid scrutiny | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                  Christian Porter and a secret trial have destroyed my practice, Witness K lawyer Bernard Collaery says - ABC News (Jun ’20)

                                  Coalition spends $2m on prosecution of Bernard Collaery and Witness K, before trial | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

                                  'I am unable to say much': anger simmers as Timor bugging hearing goes ahead in secret | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

                                  Why Bernard Collaery’s case is one of the gravest threats to freedom of expression | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

                                  Q+A: Australia likened to North Korea in its secret trial of Bernard Collaery | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

                                  Since when is it a crime to report a crime? Bernard Collaery exposes the Timor Sea betrayal | Michael West (Apr ’20)

                                  Coalition legal action sends chills through whistleblowers | Michael West (…)

                                    funding cuts

                                      propaganda, controlling the narrative, Dog Whistling, people being silenced, Totalitarianism

                                        Corruption, Cover Up

                                          Rorts, Conflict of Interest, Accountability, Incompetence

                                          Sports rorts: Coalition approved at least six grants without an application form, documents reveal | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                          Failing the pub test: how can Australian voters call time on MPs' expense claims? | The Guardian (Jun '20)

                                          Michael McCormack and wife billed taxpayers for Melbourne Cup flights | The Guardian (Jun '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie was told to seek Scott Morrison's 'authority' for sports grants program (may '20)

                                          Sport Australia warned Bridget McKenzie over sports grants decisions, emails reveal (Mar '20)

                                          Sports rorts: football body in marginal seat awarded $500k on top of $800k from state (Mar '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie warned by legal expert 'ignorance of the law is no excuse' (Mar ’20)

                                          Covid-19 is pushing sports rorts from the news. But at least one potential crime must be investigated – Tony Harris (Mar '20)

                                          Sports rorts: Scott Morrison sidesteps question about late changes to spreadsheet (Mar ’20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie could be personally liable over sports grants, expert tells Senate hearing (Mar ’20)

                                          Sport Australia defies Senate on questions over sports rorts grants (Mar ’20)

                                          Sports rorts changes everything. It's time for a federal Icac (Mar '20)

                                          Nigel Scullion approved $560m in grants in lead-up to election (Mar '20)

                                          This Rorting Life … the Prime Minister is up to his neck in it (Mar '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie reignites sports rorts affair by denying late changes to grants (Mar '20)

                                          NSW Nationals deputy Bronwyn Taylor notified instantly of $8m grant to husband's organisation (Mar '20)

                                          Sports rorts: agency admits failing to tell Senate about second McKenzie email (Mar '20)

                                          Scott Morrison has been caught out over sports rorts (Mar '20)

                                          Senior public servant tells inquiry she destroyed sports grants meeting notes (Feb '20)

                                          Scott Morrison maintains sports grants were decided before final emails to his office (Feb '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie gave Sport Australia final list of grant projects in caretaker period (Feb '20)

                                          The PM is squarely in the frame over the sports rorts affair (Feb '20)

                                          Scott Morrison and Bridget McKenzie's offices exchanged 136 emails about sports grants program (Feb '20)

                                          The sports rorts remind us politics is a 'game of mates'. We need an independent umpire (Feb '20)

                                          The sports grants saga isn't going away, and it means Scott Morrison will need to change tack – David Speers (Feb '20)

                                          ‘Unprecedented’ $400k grant given to aged-care home operator in Nationals electorate (Feb '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie gave 'spare' $150,000 to shooting study rather than major games for intellectually impaired (Feb '20)

                                          Audit Office says Scott Morrison and Bridget McKenzie's offices shared partisan colour-coded spreadsheets (Feb '20)

                                          Coalition dished out $636m in grants in six months before 2019 election (Feb '20)

                                          Coalition pledged $4.5m for tidal pool despite opposition from local council (Feb '20)

                                          Liberal MP linked $500,000 sports grant to 'great strategising' that led to victory (Feb '20)

                                          If we move on from the sports grants now as the Coalition wants, we tolerate corruption – Tony Harris (Feb '20)

                                          View from The Hill: We need to see Gaetjens’ report on McKenzie – not least for Gaetjens’ sake (Feb '20)

                                          Coalition quietly spent another $150m sports grant fund during election campaign (Feb '20)

                                          Hard evidence that Scott Morrison’s office was up to its collective neck in the rorting (Feb '20)

                                          Scott Morrison wants the sports rorts mess to be over with McKenzie's exit. It won't be (Feb '20)

                                          Ministers like Bridget McKenzie have no discretion to break the rules – Prof. Anne Twomey (Feb '20)

                                          Don't hold your breath waiting for the truth on Bridget McKenzie's sports rort – Anne Davies (Feb '20)

                                          Morrison's twisted logic on the sports rort is perfectly Trumpian – and no surprise (Feb '20)

                                          Sports rorts: almost half the projects funded were ineligible, audit office says (Feb '20)

                                          The sports rorts saga has become a political vulnerability that can't be explained away (Feb '20)

                                          Government's sport grants leaked spreadsheet reveals more secrets about the scheme (Feb '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie's sport grant cash splash is a particularly brazen example of pork-barrelling – David Speers (Jan '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie's sports grants program may be unconstitutional, expert warns – Prof. Anne Twomey (Jan '20)

                                          The ‘sports rorts’ affair shows the government misunderstands the role of the public service (Jan '20)

                                          Sports rorts: attorney general defends ministers' powers while awaiting McKenzie review (Jan '20)

                                          Sports grants: Coalition rejected 12 grant applications for female change rooms at local sport grounds (Jan '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie granted $500,000 to Coalition colleague's Northern Territory gun club (Jan '20)

                                          Shameless – Scott Morrison defends the indefensible (Jan '20)

                                          Sport Australia complained about political interference in the Government's sports grants program (Jan '20)

                                          Sport Australia warned Bridget McKenzie's grants program compromised its independence (Jan '20)

                                          Whistleblower in Bridget McKenzie’s office reveals grant fears were silenced Jan '20)

                                          The PM’s upset election win looks very different now (Jan '20)

                                          Bridget McKenzie’s office told ‘not appropriate’ to approve sports grants after applications closed (Jan '20)

                                          We missed out on a sports grant for our club – now we know how unethical the process has been (Jan '20)

                                          Grattan on Friday: Bridget McKenzie has made herself a sitting duck (Jan '20)

                                          Mosman Rowing Club donates paddle to assist Bridget McKenzie escape shit creek (Jan '20) – The Chaser

                                          Federal ICAC would investigate sports grants affair, former NSW auditor-general says (Jan '20)

                                          'Sports rorts' grants explained: how we got here and why it all matters (Jan '20)

                                          Sports grants: rugby club gets funding for female change rooms but has no women's team (Jan '20)

                                          Audit office blasts roll-out of Coalition’s $200m regional jobs and investment program (Nov '19)

                                          Deputy Nationals leader rejected more than 600 grants recommended by Sport Australia (Oct '19)

                                          Election cash splash coming from government grants (May '19)

                                          Will heads roll? Ministerial standards and Stuart Robert (Feb '16)

                                            international affairs, Foreign Policy, Defence, Military, War

                                            Stoking fears of war could serve China’s goals. Australian policy needs rethinking | Natasha Kassam and Mark Harrison | The Guardian (May '21)

                                            Australia is at a dead end with China. There's only one kind of fix. | Crikey (Apr '21)

                                            How Australia sabotaged its own interests in relations with China. | Pearls and Irritations (Mar '21)

                                            Australia has a great chance to engage in trade diplomacy with China, and it must take it | The Conversation (Feb '21)

                                            Why Australia Must Take a Chance and Engage in Trade Diplomacy with China | The National Interest (Feb '21)

                                            Press reset: can the Morrison government rebuild bridges with China – or is it too late? | Australian foreign policy | The Guardian (Jan '21)

                                            In hunting for Chinese spies we hang on for dear life to Anglo-Saxon allies | John Menadue (Dec '20)

                                            Grattan on Friday: China plays reverse ‘poke the bear’ | The Conversation (Nov '20)

                                            What is China's endgame? That's the question Australia has no answer to | The Guardian (Nov '20)

                                            Australia can repair its relationship with China, here are 3 ways to start | The Conversation (Nov '20)

                                            Does Australia really have to be so strident when it comes to China? | The Guardian (Nov '20)

                                            How a 'vast ocean of goodwill' between China and Australia turned sour | CNN (Nov '20)

                                            Australia-China ties are at their lowest point in history, former ambassador says | ABC (Nov '20)

                                            Australia has dug itself into a hole in its relationship with China. It’s time to find a way out | The Conversation (May '20)

                                            The Australian Government is pursuing economic suicide | John Menadue (Sep '20)

                                            ‘The rot goes right up to Beijing’: Why detained professor Xu Zhangrun is such a threat to China’s leadership | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                            Asylum or economic opportunity? The mixed messages in Australia’s new Hong Kong visa options | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                            China's coercive behaviour a 'wake-up call', Australia's former top public servant says | The Guardian (May '20)

                                            China has a new way to exert political pressure: weaponising its courts against foreigners | The Conversation (Jun '20)

                                            Behind China’s newly aggressive diplomacy: ‘wolf warriors’ ready to fight back | The Conversation (May '20)

                                            MICHAEL McKINLEY. Australia’s China policy: who rules, who governs and the SAS connection | John Menadue (Jun '18)

                                            Who is in charge of Australia’s relations with China? The Australian Prime Minister or ASIO? | John Menadue (May '18)

                                            UNDERSTANDING CHINA’S BELT AND ROAD INITIATIVE | Lowy Institute (Mar '17)

                                              covid-19: economic support & recovery

                                              Big government is back, but not in Australia - 7am Podcast (Apr '21)

                                              Save lives or save the economy? That's a false choice – and it's obscene | Australian economy | The Guardian (Jan '21)

                                              New Zealand shows the best strategy for economic recovery is successfully managing Covid | The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                              Data from 45 countries show containing COVID vs saving the economy is a false dichotomy | The Conversation (Nov '20)

                                              Past pandemics show how coronavirus budgets can drive faster economic recovery - New Zealand | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                              Australia needs public spending – but beware the burden of white elephants | The Guardian (Oct ’20)

                                              Reserve Bank of Australia may have to buy state debt if Covid recovery slow, S&P says | The Guardian (Sep ’20)

                                              Albanese says Coalition should use budget to invest in social housing, skills and manufacturing | The Guardian (Sep ’20)

                                              Why it doesn’t make economic sense to ignore climate change in our recovery from the pandemic | The Conversation (Aug ’20)

                                              She won’t be right, mate: how the government shaped a blokey lockdown followed by a blokey recovery | The Conversation (Jun '20)

                                              The big stimulus spending has just begun. Here’s how to get it right, quickly | The Conversation (May '20)

                                              For most universities, there’s little point to the government’s COVID-19 assistance package | The Conversation (Apr '20)

                                              Coronavirus economic recovery committee looks set to push Australia towards gas-fired future | ABC (May '20)

                                              COVID-19: Australia’s fiscal response is now among the biggest in the world | Grattan Institute … % of GDP (Apr '20)

                                              We do not have to worry about paying off Australia's coronavirus debt for generations | The Guardian (Apr ’20)

                                              Let's look at the Thatcher years | BBC (Apr ’13)

                                                covid-19: public health response

                                                Ruby Princess passengers let off ship after border force officer confused flu and coronavirus test results | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                                A foreseeable catastrophe: how Covid-19 swept through Victoria’s nursing homes | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                                Restaurants on footpaths: why Australia's indoor gatherings should be pushed outside in the Covid-19 era | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                                Vital Signs: Victoria’s privatised quarantine arrangements were destined to fail | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                Scott Morrison says Australia cannot shut down to contain second wave of Covid-19 | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                                4 steps to avert a full-blown coronavirus disaster in Victoria’s aged care homes | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                Multiple sclerosis drug may help treat COVID-19 and lead to faster recovery | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                Why Australia should switch course and try to eliminate COVID-19 Grattan Institute (Jul '20)

                                                Experts call for Australia to replace coronavirus suppression strategy with elimination plan | ABC (Jul '20)

                                                Scott Morrison set to slow the arrival home of Australians amid coronavirus fears | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                Victoria's coronavirus surge could easily get away from us. This is the action we need now | ABC (Jul '20)

                                                Melbourne’s lockdown came too late. It’s time to consider moving infected people outside the home | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                'They change the rules': confusion reigns for frightened and stressed Melbourne public housing residents | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                                Overcrowding and affordability stress: Melbourne’s COVID-19 hotspots are also housing crisis hotspots | The Conversation (Jul '20)

                                                Protecting the psychological health of children through effective communication about COVID-19 | The Lancet (Jul '20)

                                                If we want workers to stay home when sick, we need paid leave for casuals (May ’20)

                                                How did the Covidsafe app go from being vital to almost irrelevant? (May ’20)

                                                Whoever invents a coronavirus vaccine will control the patent – and, importantly, who gets to use it (May ’20)

                                                Exclusive: Gov’s $5.8m aged-care app offers ‘no duty of care’ (May ’20)

                                                Coronavirus has left Australian women anxious, overworked, insecure — and worse off than men again (May ’20)

                                                Anatomy of a cruise: how the Ruby Princess came to dock and disembark with coronavirus (May ’20)

                                                Arm yourself with trusted information and support during COVID-19 - Lung Foundation (May ’20)

                                                This weekend is giving Australia its first glimpse of winter. Does that mean coronavirus will get worse? (May ’20)

                                                Job Blooper: A $60 billion ‘error’ proves the wage subsidy has been weaponised (May ’20)

                                                Australians are beginning to act as if the coronavirus is defeated. The biggest danger now is complacency (May ’20)

                                                Worker claims unfair dismissal after questioning cleaning requirement for JobKeeper (May ’20)

                                                Some Australians with a disability left without face-to-face care during coronavirus crisis (May ’20)

                                                Coronavirus weekly: balancing a ‘new normal’ while keeping COVID-19 in check (May ’20)

                                                Could blood thinners be a lifesaving treatment for COVID-19? Here’s what the science says and what it means for you (May ’20)

                                                The government will spend $48 million to safeguard mental health. Extending JobKeeper would safeguard it even more (May ’20)

                                                Stranded without support, international students across Australia rely on free food to survive (May ’20)

                                                Vital Signs: rules are also signals, which is why easing social distancing is such a problem (May ’20)

                                                Coronavirus: Ten reasons why you ought not to panic (May ’20)

                                                How the coronavirus is affecting women’s work in Australia (May ’20)

                                                Protect: Prevention is your best protection (Lung Foundation Australia) (May ’20)

                                                Woman who suffered miscarriage in coronavirus quarantine was forced to return to hotel (May ’20)

                                                The calculus of death shows the COVID lock-down is clearly worth the cost (May ’20)

                                                Australians may not be ready to go back to normal even if coronavirus restrictions are lifted, survey finds (May ’20)

                                                Scott Morrison indicates ‘eliminating’ COVID-19 would come at too high a cost (Apr ’20)

                                                Coronavirus cases in Victoria rise by seven as Chief Health Officer flags total elimination of virus in Australia (Apr ’20)

                                                COVID lockdowns have human costs as well as benefits. It’s time to consider both (Apr ’20)

                                                No, Aussie bats won’t give you COVID-19. We rely on them more than you think (Apr '20)

                                                We’ve known about pandemic health messaging since 1918. So when it comes to coronavirus, what has Australia learnt? (Apr ’20)

                                                COVID lockdowns have human costs as well as benefits. It’s time to consider both (Apr ’20)

                                                Morrison says 'early mark' of eased restrictions depends on uptake of Covidsafe tracing app (Apr ’20)

                                                Australia pushes for global inquiry into outbreak (Apr ’20)

                                                Coronavirus app: will Australians trust a government with a history of tech fails and data breaches? (Apr ’20)

                                                Vital Signs: Modelling tells us the coronavirus app will need a big take-up, economics tells us how to get it (Apr ’20)

                                                'I haven't left my building': life gets harder for vulnerable Australians during coronavirus crisis (Apr ’20)

                                                The $130bn wage subsidy that united unions and Coalition, but left millions in the cold (Apr ’20)

                                                90,000 foreign graduates are stuck in Australia without financial support: it’s a humanitarian and economic crisis in the making (Apr ’20)

                                                Here's what Scott Morrison had to say after the National Cabinet meeting (Apr ’20)

                                                JobKeeper wage system pushing small businesses to the edge (Apr ’20)

                                                Australia's coronavirus relief exclusions prove we are not all in this together (Apr '20)

                                                Aged care facilities sticking to coronavirus visitor restrictions despite federal advice (Apr '20)

                                                New Zealand wants coronavirus elimination, Australia wants COVID-19 'suppression' — but can we have both? (Apr '20)

                                                'We feel abandoned': international students in Australia facing coronavirus alone (Apr '20)

                                                Australians want to open their homes to locked-down refugees. The government should let them (Apr '20)

                                                Australia's landlords and tenants: what support is available in the coronavirus crisis? (Apr '20)

                                                Coronavirus crisis sees evictions banned but some tenants still don't know how they'll pay the rent (Apr '20)

                                                Those talking about a fast end to social distancing should consider the cost paid in human lives (Apr '20)

                                                The Oncology Podcast: Cancer and COVID-19 with Professor Eva Segelov (Apr '20)

                                                Are other countries looking at easing coronavirus restrictions and lockdown measures? (Apr '20)

                                                Transmitting COVID-19 to another person could send you to prison for life. Here’s why this is worrisome (Apr '20)

                                                Smoking increases your coronavirus risk. There’s never been a better time to quit (Apr '20)

                                                Coronavirus has sped up changes to global order and sovereignty is making a comeback (Apr '20)

                                                Corporate suppliers of masks and gowns price-gouging not-for-profit aged care providers (Apr '20)

                                                Australian government experts at odds with health department over using hydroxychloroquine to treat coronavirus (Apr'20)

                                                Coronavirus data modelling has Australia in good position, but COVID-19 'here to stay' (Apr '20)

                                                Young people are anxious about coronavirus. Political leaders need to talk with them, not at them (Apr '20)

                                                Australian children remain trapped in al-Hawl camp as region braces for coronavirus (Apr '20)

                                                Hotel quarantine a ‘disaster’ and vulnerable people should be allowed home, doctor says (Apr '20)

                                                The two meetings that changed the trajectory of Australia's coronavirus response (Apr '20)

                                                Many hand sanitisers are ineffective against coronavirus, experts warn (Apr '20)

                                                WHO considers changing guidance on wearing face masks (Apr '20)

                                                I am a frontline doctor: here's how you can help me (Apr '20)

                                                If coronavirus cases don’t grow any faster, our health system will probably cope (Apr ‘20)

                                                Now the lucky country must decide: what is our least-worst option on COVID-19? (Apr '20)

                                                Regaining control: the case for a short, sharp lockdown (rather than the slow trickle we’ve had so far) (Apr ‘20)

                                                Australian officials again refuse to release coronavirus modelling (Apr '20)

                                                'Left with nothing': Australia's migrant workforce face destitution without coronavirus safety net (Apr '20)

                                                ABC's Norman Swan denies 'rancour' with chief medical officer after PM's office intervention on coronavirus | Australian Broadcasting Corporation | The Guardian (Mar ’20)

                                                Coronavirus: what the 2009 swine flu pandemic can tell us about the weeks to come (Mar ’20)

                                                Australian government did not commission coronavirus campaign until a month after first case (Mar '20)

                                                What is the Coronavirus Supplement from Centrelink, am I eligible and when does it start? (Mar '20)

                                                We need a red team for Covid-19 (Mar '20)

                                                Australians in their 20s have more confirmed cases of coronavirus than any other age group (Mar ‘20)

                                                Want to Skype your GP to avoid exposure to the coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know about the new telehealth option (Mar ‘20)

                                                Australia is crying out for clearer messaging on coronavirus, 'rambling' politicians told (Mar ‘20)

                                                'Covid-19 will slam the door shut': Australia's family services brace for domestic violence spike (Mar ‘20)

                                                ‘We need a Shane Fitzsimmons’: Government's latest coronavirus advice sparks confusion (Mar ‘20)

                                                Why Australia is not shutting schools to help control the spread of coronavirus (Mar ‘20)

                                                The case for Endgame C: stop almost everything, restart when coronavirus is gone (Mar '20)

                                                ‘Cabin fever’: Australia must prepare for the social and psychological impacts of a coronavirus lockdown (Mar '20)

                                                Coronavirus: Australia orders all arrivals to self-isolate for 14 days (Mar '20)

                                                Scott Morrison addresses the nation about Covid-19 response …and about going to the footy (Mar ’20)

                                                Coronavirus: how long does it take to get sick? How infectious is it? Will you always have a fever? COVID-19 basics explained (Mar '20)

                                                Coronavirus: How behaviour can help control the spread of COVID-19 (Mar '20)

                                                Australian schools stay open amid coronavirus but NSW brings in social distancing (Mar '20)

                                                New Zealand and Australia close borders to foreigners amid coronavirus crisis (Mar '20)

                                                  covid: around the world

                                                    first nations people