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          Craig Kelly decries censorship but blocks dissenting voices from his Facebook page, constituents say | Craig Kelly | The Guardian (Jan '21)

          Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced (Sep '20)

          Australian scientists say logging, mining and climate advice is being suppressed (Sep '20)

          Australian War Memorial volunteers told they could lose role if they speak publicly about controversial expansion (Jul '20)

          Eureka flag ban shows government’s distaste for democracy (Feb '20)

          Coalition may use government contracts to crack down on environment protests (Feb '20)

          Aurora Australis officer asked to remove post criticising Scott Morrison's climate policy (Feb '20)

          Terrorism police list Extinction Rebellion as extremist ideology (Jan '20)

          Protesting and boycotting the Morrison Government way (Nov '19)

          Why Is Australia Trying to Shut Down Climate Activism? (Nov '19)

          Scott Morrison threatens crackdown on protesters who would 'deny liberty' (Nov '19)

          High court rules public servants can be sacked for political social media posts | Freedom of speech | The Guardian (Aug ’19)

          Police raids raise fears of Australian media crackdown | Australian media | The Guardian (Jun ’19)

          Australia’s prime minister pledges to outlaw climate boycotts, arguing they threaten the economy (Nov '19)

          Australia doesn’t protect free speech, but it could (Jul '19)

          Australian government may ban environmental boycotts (Apr '14)

          Freedom of speech means freedom to boycott (Sep '13)

            Corruption, Cover Up

              Rorts, Conflict of Interest, Accountability

              Sports rorts: Coalition approved at least six grants without an application form, documents reveal (Jul '20)

              Failing the pub test: how can Australian voters call time on MPs' expense claims? (Jun '20)

              Michael McCormack and wife billed taxpayers for Melbourne Cup flights (Jun '20)

              Bridget McKenzie was told to seek Scott Morrison's 'authority' for sports grants program (may '20)

              Sport Australia warned Bridget McKenzie over sports grants decisions, emails reveal (Mar '20)

              Sports rorts: football body in marginal seat awarded $500k on top of $800k from state (Mar '20)

              Bridget McKenzie warned by legal expert 'ignorance of the law is no excuse' (Mar ’20)

              Covid-19 is pushing sports rorts from the news. But at least one potential crime must be investigated – Tony Harris (Mar '20)

              Sports rorts: Scott Morrison sidesteps question about late changes to spreadsheet (Mar ’20)

              Bridget McKenzie could be personally liable over sports grants, expert tells Senate hearing (Mar ’20)

              Sport Australia defies Senate on questions over sports rorts grants (Mar ’20)

              Sports rorts changes everything. It's time for a federal Icac (Mar '20)

              Nigel Scullion approved $560m in grants in lead-up to election (Mar '20)

              This Rorting Life … the Prime Minister is up to his neck in it (Mar '20)

              Bridget McKenzie reignites sports rorts affair by denying late changes to grants (Mar '20)

              NSW Nationals deputy Bronwyn Taylor notified instantly of $8m grant to husband's organisation (Mar '20)

              Sports rorts: agency admits failing to tell Senate about second McKenzie email (Mar '20)

              Scott Morrison has been caught out over sports rorts (Mar '20)

              Senior public servant tells inquiry she destroyed sports grants meeting notes (Feb '20)

              Scott Morrison maintains sports grants were decided before final emails to his office (Feb '20)

              Bridget McKenzie gave Sport Australia final list of grant projects in caretaker period (Feb '20)

              The PM is squarely in the frame over the sports rorts affair (Feb '20)

              Scott Morrison and Bridget McKenzie's offices exchanged 136 emails about sports grants program (Feb '20)

              The sports rorts remind us politics is a 'game of mates'. We need an independent umpire (Feb '20)

              The sports grants saga isn't going away, and it means Scott Morrison will need to change tack – David Speers (Feb '20)

              ‘Unprecedented’ $400k grant given to aged-care home operator in Nationals electorate (Feb '20)

              Bridget McKenzie gave 'spare' $150,000 to shooting study rather than major games for intellectually impaired (Feb '20)

              Audit Office says Scott Morrison and Bridget McKenzie's offices shared partisan colour-coded spreadsheets (Feb '20)

              Coalition dished out $636m in grants in six months before 2019 election (Feb '20)

              Coalition pledged $4.5m for tidal pool despite opposition from local council (Feb '20)

              Liberal MP linked $500,000 sports grant to 'great strategising' that led to victory (Feb '20)

              If we move on from the sports grants now as the Coalition wants, we tolerate corruption – Tony Harris (Feb '20)

              View from The Hill: We need to see Gaetjens’ report on McKenzie – not least for Gaetjens’ sake (Feb '20)

              Coalition quietly spent another $150m sports grant fund during election campaign (Feb '20)

              Hard evidence that Scott Morrison’s office was up to its collective neck in the rorting (Feb '20)

              Scott Morrison wants the sports rorts mess to be over with McKenzie's exit. It won't be (Feb '20)

              Ministers like Bridget McKenzie have no discretion to break the rules – Prof. Anne Twomey (Feb '20)

              Don't hold your breath waiting for the truth on Bridget McKenzie's sports rort – Anne Davies (Feb '20)

              Morrison's twisted logic on the sports rort is perfectly Trumpian – and no surprise (Feb '20)

              Sports rorts: almost half the projects funded were ineligible, audit office says (Feb '20)

              The sports rorts saga has become a political vulnerability that can't be explained away (Feb '20)

              Government's sport grants leaked spreadsheet reveals more secrets about the scheme (Feb '20)

              Bridget McKenzie's sport grant cash splash is a particularly brazen example of pork-barrelling – David Speers (Jan '20)

              Bridget McKenzie's sports grants program may be unconstitutional, expert warns – Prof. Anne Twomey (Jan '20)

              The ‘sports rorts’ affair shows the government misunderstands the role of the public service (Jan '20)

              Sports rorts: attorney general defends ministers' powers while awaiting McKenzie review (Jan '20)

              Sports grants: Coalition rejected 12 grant applications for female change rooms at local sport grounds (Jan '20)

              Bridget McKenzie granted $500,000 to Coalition colleague's Northern Territory gun club (Jan '20)

              Shameless – Scott Morrison defends the indefensible (Jan '20)

              Sport Australia complained about political interference in the Government's sports grants program (Jan '20)

              Sport Australia warned Bridget McKenzie's grants program compromised its independence (Jan '20)

              Whistleblower in Bridget McKenzie’s office reveals grant fears were silenced Jan '20)

              The PM’s upset election win looks very different now (Jan '20)

              Bridget McKenzie’s office told ‘not appropriate’ to approve sports grants after applications closed (Jan '20)

              We missed out on a sports grant for our club – now we know how unethical the process has been (Jan '20)

              Grattan on Friday: Bridget McKenzie has made herself a sitting duck (Jan '20)

              Mosman Rowing Club donates paddle to assist Bridget McKenzie escape shit creek (Jan '20) – The Chaser

              Federal ICAC would investigate sports grants affair, former NSW auditor-general says (Jan '20)

              'Sports rorts' grants explained: how we got here and why it all matters (Jan '20)

              Sports grants: rugby club gets funding for female change rooms but has no women's team (Jan '20)

              Audit office blasts roll-out of Coalition’s $200m regional jobs and investment program (Nov '19)

              Deputy Nationals leader rejected more than 600 grants recommended by Sport Australia (Oct '19)

              Election cash splash coming from government grants (May '19)

              Will heads roll? Ministerial standards and Stuart Robert (Feb '16)

                Foreign Policy … Defence … Military

                In hunting for Chinese spies we hang on for dear life to Anglo-Saxon allies (Dec '20)

                Grattan on Friday: China plays reverse ‘poke the bear’ (Nov '20)

                What is China's endgame? That's the question Australia has no answer to (Nov '20)

                Australia can repair its relationship with China, here are 3 ways to start (Nov '20)

                Does Australia really have to be so strident when it comes to China? (Nov '20)

                How a 'vast ocean of goodwill' between China and Australia turned sour (Nov '20)

                Australia-China ties are at their lowest point in history, former ambassador says (Nov '20)

                Australia has dug itself into a hole in its relationship with China. It’s time to find a way out (May '20)

                The Australian Government is pursuing economic suicide (Sep '20)

                ‘The rot goes right up to Beijing’: Why detained professor Xu Zhangrun is such a threat to China’s leadership (Jul '20)

                Asylum or economic opportunity? The mixed messages in Australia’s new Hong Kong visa options (Jul '20)

                China's coercive behaviour a 'wake-up call', Australia's former top public servant says (May '20)

                China has a new way to exert political pressure: weaponising its courts against foreigners (Jun '20)

                Behind China’s newly aggressive diplomacy: ‘wolf warriors’ ready to fight back (May '20)

                MICHAEL McKINLEY. Australia’s China policy: who rules, who governs and the SAS connection (Jun '18)

                JOHN MENADUE. Who is in charge of Australia’s relations with China? The Australian Prime Minister or ASIO? (May '18)


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                It's reasonable conclude that during the past year or two, there has been a surfeit of news coverage, on topics various. Drought, bushfires, water management, the environment, climate change, political machinations, the list goes on. A library of credible journalism from reliable sources was established, which then morphed into the Flip-Side, in an attempt to present information that made all of us a better informed, gentler and kinder people. To be informed, it goes with saying, is a core responsibility of all mature citizens. Gentler and kinder because we all benefit by not engaging in ideological shouting matches over a meal or a drink. S

                Every now and then you'll hear someone begin a sentence with "I'm no expert but …" which will invariably, though not always, precede a monologue resembling little more than a passing acquaintance to the subject at hand, revealing the speaker's pre-conceived version of the truth. This is not knowledge, it's an opinion, which is, as Plato put it, the bridge between ignorance and knowledge, and which outs itself as nothing more than ideology.

                Ideology is not grounded in kindness, intellectual rigour or knowledge, it's usually grounded in the preservation of power, in privilege, prejudice, in any or all its manifest forms, or in fear, or a combination of all of those things. Ideology preserves injustice, destruction of environment, marginalisation of minorities, racism, institutionalised discrimination, species extinction, preservation of privilege, and high-office graft. The Flip-Side attempts to expose this and presents us with more to think about, by shining a light into some dark corners and turning over some rocks - and - who wouldn't want that. Hover to read the “flip-side.” Read on.

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