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Zombie Cash-Splash: Treasurer ramps up orgy of corporate hand-outs | Michael West (Oct '20)

‘Could do better’: Top Australian economists award the budget a cautious pass | The Conversation (Oct '20)

Don't be fooled by the spin – Tuesday's budget will be political and ideologically driven | The Guardian (Oct '20)

Budget 2020: the people most likely to be left behind | The Guardian (Oct '20)

Albanese promises $20 billion plan to modernise electricity grid, and $6.2 billion for child care | The Conversation (Oct '20)

'The chips have been placed': experts weigh in on the Australian budget 2020 | The Guardian (Oct ’20)

Australian budget preview: what we already know, and what the experts think | The Guardian (Oct ’20)

Australian federal budget found to be the most secretive ever produced | The Guardian (Oct '20)

The overlooked parts of the 2020 Australian budget you should know about | The Guardian (Oct '20)

Australia's English test for partner visas could leave women at mercy of abusers, experts warn | The Guardian (Oct '20)

Jobmaker hiring credit: how does it work and who is eligible? | The Guardian (Oct '20)

    Homelessness & social housing

    Michael Pascoe: Federal government doesn’t care about the housing crisis | The New Daily (Apr '21)

    The crisis we should have seen coming | 7am Podcast (Apr '21)

    Homeless numbers set to rise again, but inquiry can be a turning point if we get smarter about housing people | The Conversation (Mar '21)

    It's time for Australia to make housing a human right | The New Daily (Mar '21)

    The coronavirus pandemic provides an opportunity to address homelessness | The Conversation (Mar '21)

    Australian government's housing policy continues to ignore low income earners | Housing | The Guardian (Jan '21)

    Australian housing system ‘broken’ with more than half of low-income renters facing rental stress | Australia news | The Guardian (Jan '21)

    'It would make me feel like I belong': Mick Combo's lifelong quest for a home | ABC (Dec '20)

    Fears for Melbourne's homeless forced out of Covid hotel accommodation | The Guardian (dec '20)

    Decades of neglect: Victoria has built less than 10% of its public housing pledge as waiting list swells | The Guardian (Oct '20)

    Top economists back boosts to JobSeeker and social housing over tax cuts in pre-budget poll | The Conversation Crawford School of Public Policy (ANU) - (Sep '20)

    Australia's economic response to Covid ignores aged care, climate crisis and housing, report finds | The Guardian (Aug '20)

    Is homelessness growing in NSW and are there 60,000 people waiting for social housing, sometimes for up to 10 years? | AAP Factcheck (Jun '19)

    Social Services scraps funding for homeless and housing groups | SMH (Dec '14)

    Unused buildings will make good housing in the world of COVID-19 | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

    Our lives matter – Melbourne public housing residents talk about why COVID-19 hits them hard | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

    ‘Vertical cruise ships’? Here’s how we can remake housing towers to be safer and better places to live | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

    Public housing ‘renewal’ likely to drive shift to private renters, not owners, in Sydney | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

    Homelessness: can the Covid-19 crisis help end rough sleeping in Australia for good? | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

    NSW launches $36 million program to get rough sleepers into homes | SMH (Jun '20)

    Coronavirus lays bare 5 big housing system flaws to be fixed | The Conversation (may '20)

    Home for Good: Social Housing for an Ageing Population | Per Capita (may '20)

    The start of something new: a homeless family's respite at a boutique hotel amid the pandemic | The Guardian (may '20)

    Build public housing for 30,000 to boost Australia's post-crisis economy, Acoss says | The Guardian (Apr '20)

    The need to house everyone has never been clearer. Here’s a 2-step strategy to get it done | The Conversation (Apr '20)

    Hotel Corona: How the pandemic could fix homelessness (ABC)

    Forced by coronavirus to close its doors to the homeless, Wayside Chapel hits the streets | The Guardian (Apr '20)

    Homelessness and overcrowding expose us all to coronavirus. Here’s what we can do to stop the spread | The Conversation (Mar ‘ 20)

    Morrison must protect the most vulnerable Australians to combat the coronavirus crisis | SMH (Mar ‘ 20)

    The many faces of social housing – home to 1 in 10 Australians | The Conversation (Mar ’20)

    'Dying in poverty’: disability pensioners left out of boosted welfare payments fear for future | The Guardian (Mar ‘20)

    We’re innovative when housing bushfire victims. Why not all the homeless? | The Conversation (Mar '20)

    The lost kids | ABC (Mar '20)

    As simple as finding a job? Getting people out of social housing is much more complex than that | The Conversation (Dec '19)

    Shh! Don’t mention the public housing shortage. But no serious action on homelessness can ignore it | The Conversation (Oct '19)

    Growing numbers of renters are trapped for years in homes they can’t afford | The Conversation (Oct '19)

    Focus on managing social housing waiting lists is failing low-income households | The Conversation (Aug '19)

    'Out in the cold': Council shuts down scheme to help homeless sleep in churches | The Age (Aug '19)

    Homelessness and the house of lies | Per Capita (aug '19)

    Is homelessness growing in NSW and are there 60,000 people waiting for social housing, sometimes for up to 10 years? | Associated Press … aap Factcheck (Jun '19)

    Homelessness soars in our biggest cities, driven by rising inequality since 2001 | The Conversation (May '19)

    As simple as finding a job? Getting people out of social housing is much more complex than that | The Guardian (Dec '19)

    'National obscenity': Australia's story of housing boom and homelessness | The Guardian (May '19)

    Is social housing essential infrastructure? How we think about it does matter | The Conversation (Feb '19)

    Unconditional charity: Why it's okay to give money to homeless people | SBS (Aug '18)

    Homelessness: The real housing crisis gripping Australia | SBS (Aug '18)

    Can homelessness ever be solved? | SBS (jul '18)

    What it's like to be homeless and have a mental illness | SBS (jul '18)

    Unless prisoners have a good place to live after release, prison drug rehabilitation won’t work | The Conversation (Oct '17)

    What do single, older women want? Their ‘own little space’ (and garden) to call home, for a start | The Conversation (Oct '17)

    Class divide defies social mixing and keeps public housing stigma alive | The Conversation (Aug '17)

    How to survive if you ever become homeless | SBS (Jun '17)

    Family break-up raises homelessness risk, and critical period is longer for boys | SBS (Jun '17)

    What housing issues should the budget tackle? This is what our experts say | The Conversation (Apr '17)

    Homeless in Britain: ‘I graduated with honours – and ended up on the streets’ | The Guardian (Jan '17)

    Why secure and affordable housing is an increasing worry for age pensioners | The Conversation (Dec '16)

    The Thatcher years in statistics (Apr '13)

    Housing Ministers' Advisory Committee Social Housing Initiative Review | KPMG (Sep '12)

      health care

      Any amount of alcohol consumption harmful to the brain, finds study | Alcohol | The Guardian (May '21)

      New findings link brain's immune system to psychosis | Medical Express (Apr '21)

      Dendritic computers: When 1 + 1 = 3 | Medical Express (Apr '21)

      Study links structural brain changes to behavioral problems in children who snore | Medical Express (Apr '21)

      Brain waves - Brain–computer interfaces promise communication capabilities for those paralysed by neurological dysfunction | The Monthly (Feb '21)

      How one family went from a devastating Sanfilippo diagnosis to advancing science | ABC News (Jul '20)

      How neuro-knowledge can help us find happiness and improve mental health | ABC News (Jul '20)

      Migraines strike women three times more than men, and we're finally starting to understand why | ABC News (Jun '20)

      Your nose: the window to your brain | Newsroom (NZ) (may '20)

      Memory loss and identity | ABC News (may '20)

      Finding a cure for Fido’s brain cancer may help us find a cure for ourselves | Oncology News (Feb '20)

      Brain temperature is difficult to measure. Here’s how a new infrared technique can help | The Conversation (Feb'20)

      How smart were our ancestors? Turns out the answer isn’t in brain size, but blood flow | The Conversation (Jan '20)

      Brain training shown to restore sharpness in older adults | SMH (Sep '19)

      How injuries change our brain and how we can help it recover | The Conversation (Apr '18)

      Why the modern world is bad for your brain | The Guardian (Jan '15)

      Alcohol and the teenage brain | ABC News (Sep '10)

        mental health



            ABC to argue Christian Porter ‘reasonably suspected’ of raping teen in 1988 in defamation defence | Christian Porter | The Guardian (May ’21)

            NSW Deputy Police chief denied investigators' request to travel to interview Christian Porter's accuser in SA - ABC News (Apr ’21)

            'Hopelessly conflicted' Porter has not consulted on harassment report | The New Daily (Mar ’21)

            Porter has always enjoyed having his cake and eating it too. Why would he stop now? | Crikey (Mar ’21)

            AFP didn't pass on documents detailing allegation against Christian Porter to NSW police | Australian politics | The Guardian (Mar ’21)

            Friend of Christian Porter's accuser says he has 'clear recollections' of 'relevant discussions' with Porter | Australian politics | The Guardian (Mar ’21)

            Former solicitor-general says PM should seek legal advice on Christian Porter rape allegation - ABC News (Mar ’21)

            Sexual assault counsellor says Christian Porter's accuser told her of alleged rape eight years ago | ABC News (Mar '21)

            Morrison blasted for treating rape allegations as ‘media and political issue’ | Christian Porter | The Guardian (Mar '21)

            Christian Porter: men should stop talking about things they know little about | Crikey (Mar '21)

            Christian Porter allegations: independent inquiry no threat to rule of law, legal experts say | The Guardian (Mar '21)

            Cabinet minister rape allegation: read the woman's recollection of abuse | Crikey (Mar '21)

            Has Christian Porter been subjected to a 'trial by media'? No, the media did its job of being a watchdog | The Conversation (Dec '20)

              inequality, disadvantage, poverty

              The Low and Middle Income Tax Offset has been extended yet again. It delivers help neither when nor where it's needed (May '21)

              Australia’s recession is ending, but for the poorest, financial hardship will increase | Centrelink | The Guardian (Apr '21)

              You can't talk about disaster risk reduction without talking about inequality | The Conversation (Feb '21)

              Net-zero carbon emissions won’t be sustainable if social inequalities aren’t addressed | The Conversation (Oct '20)

              Deaths of two food delivery riders in Sydney throws spotlight on gig workers' conditions | The Guardian (Oct '20)

              Australia has sleepwalked into a society where profit trumps quality care | The Guardian (Sep '20)

              Conservatives once championed the sacredness of every human life – until Covid | The Guardian (Sep '20)

              Our lives matter – Melbourne public housing residents talk about why COVID-19 hits them hard | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

              Melbourne tower lockdowns unfairly target already vulnerable public housing residents | The Conversation (Jul ’20)

              Coronavirus highlights the painful political truth about health inequality. Is social democracy the answer? | The Conversation (Apr ’20)

              Is hard work enough to lift anyone out of poverty? This question divides the nation | ABC (Nov '19)

              Inequality in the OECD is at a record high – and society is suffering as a result | The Conversation (Aug '19)

              There are many good ideas to tackle inequality – it’s time we acted on them | The Conversation (Nov '18)

                domestic violence

                  multiculturalism, Racism



                        aged care

                        Which aged care services near you weren’t up to scratch in 2019? | The Conversation (Mar '20)

                        ‘I will euthanise myself before I go into aged care’: how aged care is failing LGBTI+ people | The Conversation (Feb '20)

                        Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety

                        Royal Commission Transcripts

                        Government caves in to a “few big interests”, ignores Aged Care Inquiry reforms | Michael West (Dec '19)

                        PM promises more funding after aged care system found to be 'harmful' and underfunded | The Guardian (Oct '19)

                        Our ailing aged care system shows you can’t skimp on nursing care | The Conversation (Jun '19)

                        Number of reported assaults in aged care almost double in two years | The Guardian (Nov '19)

                        Red tape in aged care shouldn’t force staff to prioritise ticking boxes over residents’ outcomes | The Conversation (Aug '19)

                        Nearly 2 out of 3 nursing homes are understaffed. These 10 charts explain why aged care is in crisis | The Conversation (May '19)

                        Aged care failures show how little we value older people – and those who care for them | The Conversation (Sep '18)

                        Turning away from evidence and data in aged care | Croakey (Feb '18)

                        Royal Commission Interim Report into Aged Care Quality and Safety … Neglect (Nov '19)

                        Aged care to get an extra $537m, most to be spent on 10,000 home-care packages | The Guardian (Nov '19)

                        PM promises more funding after aged care system found to be 'harmful' and underfunded | The Guardian (Oct '19)

                        ‘It felt like a prison’ – too many young Australians are still stuck in nursing homes | The Conversation (Sep '19)

                        Why is nursing home food so bad? Some spend just $6.08 per person a day – that’s lower than prison | The Conversation (Jul '19)

                        More people are retiring with high mortgage debts. The implications are huge | The Conversation (Jun '19)

                        Aged care royal commission begins with emphasis on 'rising torrent of concern' | The Guardian (Jan '19)

                        Has government by media replaced consideration of evidence in aged care? | The Guardian (Jan '19)

                          children, Child Care

                            first nations people

                            Truth Telling, Justice System, Racial Profiling, Deaths in Custody, Constitutional Recognition, Voice to Parliament, Closing the Gap, Black Lives Matter, Remembering the Massacres, Stolen Generation, Invasion Day
                            The families of Indigenous people who die in custody need a say in what happens next | The Conversation (May '21)

                            Black deaths in custody a ‘national crisis’, says Lidia Thorpe as two more deaths confirmed | Deaths in custody | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                            Deaths Inside: Indigenous Australian deaths in custody | The Guardian

                            Indigenous deaths in custody have received just a fraction of the media coverage of the death of an elderly prince | Deaths in custody | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                            Four Aboriginal deaths in custody in three weeks: is defunding police the answer? | The Conversation (Mar '21)

                            WA man becomes fifth Indigenous person to die in custody since start of March | Western Australia | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                            'This festering crisis': Aboriginal people have the solutions to ending deaths in custody | Deaths in custody | The Guardian - (Mar '21)

                            'When will we have peace?' Grief and outrage at three Indigenous deaths in custody in a week | Deaths in custody | The Guardian - (Mar '21)

                            Townsville police used controversial neck hold on Indigenous man before he died in 2018, coroner told | Indigenous Australians | The Guardian - (Mar '21)

                            NSW prisons boss Peter Severin grilled after two Indigenous deaths in custody last week |MSN - (Mar '21)

                            What really happened at Yuendumu? | The Monthly - the promised inquiries must answer the biggest questions raised by the police shooting of an Aboriginal man | The Monthly (Oct '20)

                            Without accountability there is no justice for my mother's death in Australian police custody | The Guardian (Sep '20)

                            David Dungay: manslaughter or assault charges over death in custody are 'viable', barrister says | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                            Aboriginal deaths in custody: Black Lives Matter protests referred to our count of 432 deaths. It's now 437 | The Guardian (Jun '20)

                            Deaths inside: how we track Indigenous deaths in custody and why we do it | The Guardian (Jun '20)

                            ‘There cannot be 432 victims and no perpetrators…’ | The Saturday Paper (Jun '20)

                            The story of David Dungay and an Indigenous death in custody | David Dungay | The Guardian (Jun '20)

                            Despite 432 Indigenous deaths in custody since 1991, no one has ever been convicted. Racist silence and complicity are to blame | The Conversation (Jun '20)

                            An Aboriginal man who was shot by police in Cowra could struggle to walk again, family says | NITV (Oct '16)

                            Fortescue accused of 'bullying' Aboriginal groups to allow destruction of sacred sites | The Guardian (Nov '20)

                            Rio Tinto did not notify pastoral leaseholder of plans to destroy nearby Juukan Gorge, inquiry hears | The Guardian (Nov '20)

                            Rio Tinto still has 1,780 approvals to destroy Aboriginal sacred sites, Juukan Gorge inquiry told | The Guardian (Oct '20)

                            Rio Tinto blasts 46,000-year-old Aboriginal site to expand iron ore mine | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                            Rio Tinto kept loading explosives at Juukan Gorge after promising to stop, traditional owners say | The Guardian (Sep '20)

                            The destruction of the Juukan Gorge caves | The Saturday Paper …Marcia Langton (Sep '20)

                            Rio Tinto misled Juukan Gorge inquiry and 'can't plead ignorance' as a defence, committee chair says | The Guardian (Sep '20)

                            Rio Tinto condemned by shareholders for seeking legal advice before blowing up Juukan Gorge | The Guardian (Sep '20)

                            Juukan Gorge: Rio Tinto hired lawyers for potential injunction against blasting of Aboriginal site | The Guardian (Sep '20)

                            More than 100 Aboriginal sacred sites – some dating before the ice age – could be destroyed by mining companies | The Guardian (Aug '20)

                            Rio Tinto’s evidence condemned by Juukan Gorge traditional owners after revelation it could have avoided blowing up sacred sites | The Guardian (Jul '20)

                            Culture warriors obsessed with statues ignore Rio Tinto’s vandalism of Indigenous heritage | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

                            BHP to destroy at least 40 Aboriginal sites, up to 15,000 years old, to expand Pilbara mine | The Guardian (Jun ’20)

                            Rio Tinto just blasted away an ancient Aboriginal site. Here’s why that was allowed | The Conversation (May '20)

                              Work & unemployment

                                Social Safety Net

                                Church leaders join environment groups to call for increase to JobSeeker payments | Newcastle Herald (Jul ’20)

                                Coalition plays down reports of permanent $75 rise in jobseeker payment | The Guardian (Jun ‘20)

                                Work for the Dole facing coronavirus 'timebomb', says economic think tank | ABC (Jun ‘20)

                                Morrison government announces return to mutual obligation for jobseekers | The Guardian (Jun ‘20)

                                When the Coronavirus Supplement stops, JobSeeker needs to increase by $185 a week | The Conversation (may ‘20)

                                Reducing the dole to its pre-coronavirus rate would be a massive brake on the economy | The Guardian (may ‘20)

                                JobSeeker payments will be wound back once coronavirus crisis is over, Morrison says | 7 News (Apr ‘20)

                                'Time to click reset': coronavirus offers chance to end Australia's welfare wars | The Guardian (Apr ‘20)

                                Government did not plan to inform jobseekers their welfare appointments were suspended | The Guardian (Mar ‘20)

                                The Australian welfare system has always been needlessly cruel. Now it’s punishing half the country | The Guardian (Mar ‘20)

                                Australian jobseekers to get $550 increase as part of huge coronavirus welfare package | The Guardian (Mar '20)

                                Welfare recipients on cashless debit card will have $750 stimulus payment quarantined | The Guardian (Mar '20)

                                Sick or disabled people on Newstart face 'unrealistic' obligations to find work | The Guardian (Mar '20)

                                Cashless welfare card: how does it work and what changes is the government proposing? | The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                Jacqui Lambie says people scared and confused by Coalition’s cashless welfare card plan | The Guardian (Nov '19)

                                Man died of bowel cancer while waiting for disability support pension approval | The Guardian (May '19)

                                'Senseless cruelty': peak welfare body pushes for $95-a-week increase to Newstart | The Guardian(Jan '20)

                                There’s mounting evidence against cashless debit cards, but the government is ploughing on regardless | The Conversation (Nov '19)

                                Lesson for Australia. Make it hard for people to get benefits, and they’ll stop, but they mightn’t get jobs | The Conversation (Oct '19)

                                Newstart recipient has payments suspended after appearing at Senate inquiry | The Guardian (Oct '19)

                                More than 120,000 people whose welfare was suspended were not at fault, data shows | The Guardian (Aug '19)

                                Newstart recipient on Q&A: 'How would you suggest people like me have a go?' | The Guardian (Aug '19)

                                Life on the breadline: Centrelink's 'mutual obligation' is a system of humiliation | The Guardian (May '19)

                                Coalition stopped welfare payments to 55,000 homeless or at-risk jobseekers in six months | The Guardian (Apr '19)

                                The demerit system is ruthless social policy, designed to keep the poor powerless | The Guardian (Jul ‘18)

                                Duncan Storrar went on Q&A – now his personal life is dragged through the mud | The Guardian (May '16)

                                You're not a 'bludger' if you pay no net tax in Australia | The Guardian (May '16)

                                  Immigration/asylum seekers

                                  Budget immigration costs: Australia will spend almost $3.4m for each person in offshore detention | Australian budget 2021 | The Guardian (May ’21)

                                  Brisbane company paid $1.4bn to run offshore processing on Nauru despite no arrivals since 2014 | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                                  Refugees and asylum seekers moved from Mantra hotel in Melbourne |The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  Australia’s offshore processing policy has made the world less safe, not more |The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  Budget blowouts: offshore processing costs $1.2bn for fewer than 300 people |The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  ‘Are they just gonna dump us here?’: refugees given a number for a name on Nauru |The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  Interactive timeline: what happened to every person caught up in Australia's offshore processing regime |The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  Handcuffed asylum seekers 'paraded like criminals' in Australian hospitals, doctors say |The Guardian (Nov '20)

                                  Use of force in immigration detention | Human Rights Aus Govt (Nov '20)

                                  ‘My only desire is to hold my son’: the grief of indefinite detention |The Guardian (Sep '20)

                                  How an inner-city motel became a detention centre for more than 100 refugees |The Guardian (Jun '20)

                                  Asylum seekers transferred to Australia under medevac laws held in Melbourne hotel |The Guardian (Dec '19)

                                  For the refugees Australia imprisons, music is liberation, life and defiance |The Guardian (Sep '20)

                                  Why has a two-year-old girl lived her entire life in Australian immigration detention? | SBS (Jul '20)

                                  Dutton's bid to ban mobile phones in immigration detention centres could be unconstitutional |The Guardian (Jun '20)

                                  'We are sitting ducks for Covid 19': asylum seekers write to PM after detainee tested in immigration detention |The Guardian (Mar '20)

                                  ‘People are crying and begging’: the human cost of forced relocations in immigration detention | The Conversation (Mar '20)

                                  'Hysterical and ruinous': Christmas Island furious over Australia's coronavirus plans |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  "Worse than prison." Australian evacuees on the real conditions on Christmas Island. | Mama Mia (Feb '20)

                                  Leaked photos of Papua New Guinea prison reveal 'torture' of 18 asylum seekers cut off from world |The Guardian (Jan '20)

                                  Last asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea detention centre released |The Guardian (Jan '20)

                                  The Truth about Border Protections | Ind. Aus (Sep '19)

                                  Australia's Shame | New York Books (Sep '19)

                                  What now for asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island in need of medical evacuation? | ABC (Feb '19)

                                  How many more people must die on Manus before Australia ends indefinite detention? | The Guardian … Behrouz Boochani (Jun '19)

                                  The Paladin scandal is only a drop in the ocean of corruption on Manus and Nauru | The Guardian … Behrouz Boochani (Mar '19)

                                  Government to pay $70m damages to 1,905 Manus detainees in class action | The Guardian (Jun '17)

                                  Asylum seekers say Paladin 'doing nothing' for its $423m Manus Island deal | The Guardian (Feb '19)

                                  New law allows Australian government to indefinitely detain refugees | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (May '21)

                                  For Muslim refugees in immigration detention, another sombre, isolated Eid holiday | The Conversation (May '21)

                                  Peter Dutton's push to use 'secret evidence' to revoke citizenship condemned | Australia news | The Guardian (Feb '21)

                                  Revealed: 1,500 people in limbo under Australia's 'bizarre and cruel' refugee deterrence policy | The Guardian (Dec '20)

                                  Three-year-old Australian girl in Syria's al-Hawl camp may lose fingers to frostbite | The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  Australia Put Hundreds Of Women On A Tiny Island. There Are Just Eight Left. | Buzz Feed (Feb '20)

                                  Home affairs fought for three years to stop Serco detention centre manual release | The Guardian (Mar '20)

                                  Leaked photos of Papua New Guinea prison reveal 'torture' of 18 asylum seekers cut off from world | The Guardian (Jan '20)


                                  Asylum seekers transferred to Australia under medevac laws held in Melbourne hotel | The Guardian (Dec '19)

                                  Immigration deadlock as 50 asylum seekers detained indefinitely for being stateless | 7 News (Sep '19)

                                  Dear Wentworth Voters: Here’s 93 Things Our Government Did To Refugees | New Matilda (Oct '18)

                                  Australia’s ‘border protection’ policies cost taxpayers $4bn last year | The Guardian (Jan '18)

                                  Border protection policies cost Australia $10b in three years, international aid groups find | ABC (Sep '16)

                                  Fact check: Does Australia spend more on offshore processing than the UN spends on refugee programs in South East Asia? | ABC (Jul '15)

                                  Mental illness may be used to deny Australian citizenship under new bill | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (Nov '14)

                                  Biloela family may soon be released into community detention on Christmas Island | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (May '21)

                                  I saw first-hand the terrible toll detention is taking on the Biloela family | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                                  Biloela family's friends 'gobsmacked' by cancelled Christmas Island visit - ABC News (Apr '21)

                                  Kristina Keneally accuses Peter Dutton of cancelling her trip to meet Biloela family | Australian politics | The Guardian (Apr '21)

                                  Biloela family: new home affairs minister Karen Andrews urged to look with 'fresh eyes' at plight | Australian politics | The Guardian (Mar '21)

                                  It's time to give visas to the Biloela Tamil family and other asylum seekers stuck in the system |The Conversation (Feb '21)

                                  Biloela Tamil family separated as mother flown to Perth for medical treatment |The Guardian (Jul '20)

                                  'Relief': appeal win means Biloela family can put claim Sri Lanka is not safe, says supporter |The Guardian (Apr '20)

                                  Reprieve for Biloela family after federal court rules they were denied procedural fairness |The Guardian (Apr '20)

                                  Biloela Tamil family: our daughters are scared on Christmas Island, mother says | Australian immigration and asylum | The Guardian (Sep '19)

                                  How the Biloela Tamil family deportation case highlights the failures of our refugee system |The Conversation (Aug '19)

                                  Biloela family may spend months more on Christmas Island waiting on court decision |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  How two women from a conservative Queensland town made the deportation of a local Tamil family national news | SBS (Feb '20)

                                  What will happen to the Biloela family held on Christmas Island? |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  Judge tells government to give documents to Biloela family's lawyer after ‘overenthusiastic’ redactions |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  Advocates demand Tamil family be removed from Christmas Island before Wuhan evacuees arrive | SBS (Feb '20)

                                  Biloela family wait in Christmas Island limbo as Wuhan evacuees see out quarantine |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  Biloela family may spend months more on Christmas Island waiting on court decision |The Guardian (Feb '20)

                                  Four-year-old Christmas Island detainee to be escorted to first day of school by guards | SBS (Jan '20)

                                  Did the father of a Tamil asylum seeker family travel from Australia while his immigration case was before the courts? | AAP (Sep '19)

                                  Australia has ignored the UN's request to release the Tamil family from Christmas Island | SBS (Oct '19)

                                  ‘Fast track’ asylum processing risks fairness for efficiency |The Conversation (Dec ’14)

                                    political ideology

                                    Leadership, Economic Ideology, Neo-liberalism, Identity Politics
                                    Morrison's lies cover a lack of substance — and a lack of interest in leading (May ’21)

                                    Morrison’s day of reckoning may bring down his temples - Pearls and Irritations (May ’21)

                                    Morrison backs away: The PM muddies the water on the India travel ban | The Monthly (May ’21)

                                    PM warns identity politics, abuse of social media are undermining society | SMH (Apr ’21)

                                    Normal disservice: Any “normal” we might return to under Morrison’s leadership will see political problems relegated to the too-hard basket | The Monthly (Apr ’21)

                                    As Australia's vaccination bungle becomes clear, Morrison's political pain is only just beginning | The Conversation (Apr ’21)

                                    Madonna King: Scott Morrison just isn't good at his job | The New Daily (Mar ’21)

                                    There's a sense Scott Morrison's edifice of processes is teetering. Will it come crashing down? - ABC News (Mar ’21)

                                    With the government in crisis, Morrison's leadership might be safe but damage has been done - ABC News (Mar ’21)

                                    Australia is facing a revolution on sexual assault. Where is Scott Morrison? | Crikey (Mar ’21)

                                    Canberra's pale, stale and male tribe is missing the moment – as it did with Julia Gillard's misogyny speech | Australia news | The Guardian (Mar ’21)

                                    As gut-wrenching scandals shake the government, Scott Morrison fumbles when he should lead | Scott Morrison | The Guardian (Mar ’21)

                                    Scott Morrison accused of 'pandering' to Trump and damaging relations with Biden | Australian foreign policy | The Guardian (Jan '21)

                                    Scott Morrison: how he went from Artful Dodger to political shapeshifter | Scott Morrison | The Guardian (Sep ’20)

                                    Why good leaders need to hold the hose: how history might read Morrison’s coronavirus leadership | The Conversation (May ’20)

                                    Morrison needs new roadmap and more humility - Pearls and Irritations (Mar ’20)

                                    Scott Morrison, here’s what you should do in 2020 to show leadership | SMH (Jan ’20)

                                    Scott Morrison’s biggest failure in the bushfire crisis: an inability to deliver collective action | The Conversation (Jan ’20)

                                    I marched against John Howard but he showed leadership in a way Scott Morrison is refusing to | The Guardian (Dec ’19)

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