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  • Morrison held press conferences at the Lodge despite health advice visitors should be vaccinated COVID-19 HEALTH RESPONSE | The Guardian (Jul '21)
  • NZ Takes Prudent Approach in Closing Bubble NEW ZEALAND | Newsroom (Jul '21)
  • The disrespect of female MPs has a long history, and it won't end until we understand it PATRONISING IGNORANCE WOMEN | ABC News (Jul '21)
  • World Heritage Committee agrees not to place Great Barrier Reef on ‘in danger’ list | Great Barrier Reef GREAT BARRIER REEF | The Guardian (Jul '21)
  • Eradicating smallpox: the global vaccination push that brought the world 'arm-to-arm' COVID-19 VACCINE | The Conversation (Jul '21)
  • We're losing the vaccination race because of bungling, not bad luck VACCINE ROLLOUT INCOMPETENCE | The Conversation (Jul '21)
  • Vaccinating the highest-risk groups first was the plan. But people with disability are being left behind DISABILITY | The Conversation (Jul '21)
  • Accenture got $8m to track vaccines. What did taxpayers get? Infographics CORPORATE RORTS | Crikey (Apr ’21)
  • HealthEngine paid $3.8M for vaccine platform CORPORATE RORTS VACCINE ROLLOUT | InnovationAus (Apr ’21)
  • ‘Disowned’: family says pleas for help ignored as Australian man dies of Covid-19 in India | Health racism REOPENING BORDERS | The Guardian (May ’21)
  • Grattan on Friday: Unblocking the passage from India REOPENING BORDERS | The Conversation (May ’21) (Jul '21)
  • Relax! Australia’s cricket stars are back – but it’s not a double standard, right? REOPENING BORDERS hypocrisy | The Guardian (May ’21)
  • Australia's Strict Border Closures Shut Out Its Diverse Citizenry REOPENING BORDERS racism | Foreign (May ’21)
  • Another day, another hotel quarantine fail. So what can Australia learn from other countries? quarantine | The Conversation (Aug ’20)
  • With a stronger quarantine system, Australia could offer more help to those trapped in India quarantine | The Guardian (Apr ’21)
  • The Score Card

    The total number represents separate reportable topics applicable to the category listed – one or more articles have been written about the topic. Some examples are listed. Click on the total to take you to the most mentions.
    Cover up – government or ministerial incompetence, concealing government decisions, denying or hiding conflict of interest, government graft
    Climate change denial/inaction – claim that climate change doesn’t cause bushfires, no vehicle emissions standards or EV targets, claim that Australia can do little
    Secrecy/Refusal to release information – refusal to make documents available, PM rejecting the premise of questions, refusing to answer questions, claiming the issue is someone else’s responsibility, secrecy of legal proceedings, secrecy of Covid Commission, PM ditching plans for transparency, refusal to release COVID SafeApp data, refusal to release documents under FOI, refusal to release reports on public entities, refusal to release information on government advertising
    Ministerial & government accountability – workplace bullying, aged care, Ruby Princess, Robodebt, Great Barrier Reef, sports rorts, military war crimes, NBN
    Ignoring experts on Covid recovery & other programmes – advice from Climate Change Authority, Reserve Bank, major consulting firms, CSIRO, AEMO, business groups, responsible lending obligations, technology community, NDIS, Medical procedures, mental health recommendations
    Announcements that lead to nothing – drought relief, CovidSafe App, Job-Maker, HomeBuilder, Arts rescue package, bush-fire relief, climate change forum, Great Barrier Reef
    Government & PM self-promotion – bush-fire advertisements, Covid advertisements, empathy consultants, employing a personal photographer
    Corruption – public money used to fund Liberal Party research, ignoring warnings on sports rorts, fossil fuel interests given grant money, defying Treasury advice in favour of Party donors, government largesse in favour of Party donors
    Conflict of interest – grants to associates, Covid Commission members, Ministers accepting lobbying, Ministerial responsibility and business interests colliding
    Backing or subsidising fossil fuel – Adani, Narrabri Gas, Covid Recovery, Acland coal, BHP, Shine Energy, Whitehaven Coal, Vickery mine, threatening banks who do not fund projects, funding new gas exploration, another coal mine
    Legislated environmental destruction – species extinction, land clearing, refusal to act, complicity with vested interests, dilution of environmental protections, government appointments, cuts to funding, abolishing government bodies, suppressing dissent
    Suppression of dissent – legislation, police action, control of narrative
    Asylum seekers denied justice – justice postponed, applications deferred, bureaucratic obfuscation, abuse, denied care
    Disenfranchisement of women – ignored in budget, women at risk of homelessness, dismantling of childcare support, workplace bullying, refusing to listen to domestic violence experts
    Perpetuating inequality – gig economy worker protections, rental market for older Australians



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