Media Inquiries

All media enquiries, including enquiries about theatre performances, requests for me to speak, to write, to play harmonica, guitar, piano (particularly Beethoven’s 8th), Redemption Train, or two legged stool, should be directed to “Mumbles”, my publicity agent. Mumbles has no phone, email address, permanent abode, he gets no mail, has few friends, avoids people if he can but is a fine representative of those artists who need to be, from time to time, represented.

He can be found, should you wish to avail yourself of any of the aforementioned services, in one of the following locations – wandering the back streets of Newtown on Thursday evenings only, sitting high up in the corner of a nondescript yet charming coffee establishment just off Glebe Point Road, Glebe, usually on Sunday mornings or Tuesday afternoons, or, if you’re based in Europe and are prepared to pay for return business class travel to the European city of your choice, can be found visiting the museums and galleries of either Prague, Budapest, Naples or Berlin. He likes to do this usually on but not restricted to Wednesday afternoons.

“Mumbles” also does not carry with him any business cards, has no website, Facebook page or Instagram account and so the best way to recognise him is by matching the image below to any of the aforementioned locations on the matching aforementioned days if you do wish to engage my services. We meet once every three months at the back of an inner city Melbourne Flamenco Bar, although neither of us likes to dance, to discuss any offers so you can be assured your enquiry will be taken seriously.

Please, in the first instance, chat with my representative should you have any media inquiries.

If, having exhausted all of these attempts to make contact with my agent you could just click on the image below, which will take you a contact page and I’ll endeavour to circumnavigate modern technology and be in touch.

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