Patient Perspective Awareness

Personal Awareness Prior to Diagnosis:

I was aware but had no information: 8
I was not aware at all of brain tumours: 5
I was very aware of brain tumours: 4
I was aware (I have a family member with a brain tumour): 1
Not answered 11

General Awareness Roadblocks

Lack of knowledge of the therapeutic benefits of chemotherapy 11
Lack of knowledge of the side effects of chemotherapy 7
Lack of knowledge about alternative treatment options 12
Lack of information about financial assistance available 17
Lack of information about how I go about finding a good surgeon 11
Lack of information about the availability of clinical trials in Australia 10
Lack of information about how to get results of clinical trials 8
Lack of information about where to get support 19
Lack of Information about the latest research 2
Other * 0


I was the first brain tumour patient my G.P. came across: 2
My/Our G.P. was well aware of brain tumours but had never before had a brain tumour patient: 4
My/Our G.P. had previous experience with brain tumour patients and addressed it straight away: 3
i knew I had a brain tumour even tho my GP thought it was something else. She listened to my and sent me to hospital anyway: 1
My/Our G.P. initially thought the brain tumour was something else but did eventually arrive at a correct diagnosis: 1
My/Our G.P was not involved in the diagnosis: 3
My/Our G.P had no brain tumour experience or skills to deal with one: 1
I do not know: 8
They just wanted to refer me on as too complicated so again made me feel like I was odd 1