Patient Perspective News & Communication

Which methods are best suited to communicate brain tumour news and information?
Support Groups 12
Newsletters or Publications 14
Up to date information on the Patient Perspective website 15
Public Forums 10
Applications like Patient Perspective 14
e-News Communiques 5
Social Media Platforms 1

The most important reasons for contributing to Patient Perspective

Recording my brain tumour journey 9
Providing information to help Patient Perspective provide support 18
Providing feedback to the medical community 11
Providing data to government agencies 5

Website Features that assist you most

Up to date information on brain tumour research 12
Stories from other people on the brain tumour journey 9
Support groups close to me 10
Events that I can support 10
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 3
Information on NDIS, Centrelink services 2
Other * 0