Patient Perspective News & Communication

Which methods are best suited to communicate brain tumour news and information?
Support Groups 0
Newsletters or Publications 0
Up to date information on the Patient Perspective website 0
Public Forums 0
Applications like Patient Perspective 0
e-News Communiques 0
Social Media Platforms 0

The most important reasons for contributing to Patient Perspective

Recording my brain tumour journey 0
Providing information to help Patient Perspective provide support 0
Providing feedback to the medical community 0
Providing data to government agencies 0

Website Features that assist you most

Up to date information on brain tumour research 0
Stories from other people on the brain tumour journey 0
Support groups close to me 0
Events that I can support 0
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 0
Information on NDIS, Centrelink services 0
Other * 0