Satisfaction with Hospital Quality of Care:

Satisfied: 18
Neutral: 2
Dissatisfied 3
Not answered 4

Post Operative Complications

Stroke 3
Blood Clot 3
Paralysis 1
Infection 0
Bacterial Meningitis 1


Public Patient 4
Private Health Insurance 15
Privately Funded 2
Not Answered 5

Would a Care Co-Ordinator have assisted you in your journey? *

Yes 12
No 0
I Don’t Know 4
Not answered 11

ISSUES OF TRAVEL TO HOSPITAL (for regionally domiciled patients)


Respondents to this question: 7
Obtaining accommodation near the hospital 4
The cost of travel and accommodation 6
Organising transport to and from hospital 4
Not having support networks nearby 5
Leaving family members behind in my home town 3
Communications difficulties 1
Other * 0

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