Satisfaction with Medical Team

Satisfaction with Surgeon:

Neutral: 3
Dissatisfied 2
Not Applicable 0
Not Answered 1

Were you aware that you were able to ask for a second opinion? *

Yes 11
No 4
Not Applicable 1
Not answered 11

Satisfaction with Oncologist:

Satisfied: 5
Neutral: 10
Dissatisfied: 3
Not Applicable 0
Not Answered 7

Number of Surgeries

One 13
Two 5
More than two 1
Not answered 4

Satisfaction with General Practitioner:

Satisfied: 16
Neutral: 6
Dissatisfied: 3
Not Applicable 0
Not Answered 1

Continuity of Care (Overall Rating) *

Excellent 1
Satisfactory 3
Unsatisfactory 3
I don’t know 0
Not answered 20

Surgeons Quality of Care

My/Our surgeon communicated clearly with me/us 8
My/Our surgeon ensured that I was aware of my/our options 4
My/Our surgeon was thorough in examining me/us 3
My/Our surgeon talked through the diagnosis with me/us 5
My/Our surgeon was honest with me/us when talking about my/our prognosis 4
My/Our surgeon empathised with my/our concerns 5
My/Our surgeon gave me/us confidence 4
My/Our surgeon followed through with me/us post-surgery 1
My/Our surgeon liaised constantly with my/our G.P. 3
My/Our surgeon completed the planned surgery 4
Other * 0

Improvements in Surgeon’s Quality of Care

Better communication as to available options 2
My/our surgeon could have listened to my/our concerns more 1
My/our surgeon didn’t seem to empathise with me/us 1
My/our surgeon was very expensive 2
My/our surgeon was aggressive in approach 2
Other * 1

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