Patient Perspective Ongoing Treatment

Immediate Post Operative Hospital Care

Physiotherapy 0
Occupational Therapy 0
Speech Therapy 0
Neuro-Psychology 0
None 0
Other * 0

Type of Ongoing Post Hospital Treatment

Radiotherapy 0
Stereotactic Radiosurgery 0
Chemotherapy 0
Proton Beam Therapy 0
Immunotherapy 0
No post surgical therapy 0
Other * 0

Satisfaction with Post Hospital Treatment:

Satisfied: 0
Neutral: 0
Dissatisfied: 0
Not answered 0

Participation in and knowledge of Clinical Trials

Yes, I participated in a clinical trial 0
Yes, I was informed about clinical trials but did not participate 0
No, I was not informed of clinical trials 0
I didn’t qualify for clinical trials 0
I had no knowledge of clinical trials 0
I had no need of a clinical trial 0
Not answered 0

Immunotherapy Treatments

Yes 0
No 0
Not Answered 0

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