To what extent has exercise been beneficial to your recovery?

It has been very beneficial 8
It has been reasonably beneficial 4
About the same benefit as before the brain tumour 7
It has not really been beneficial 0
It has had a detrimental effect on my recovery 0
Not answered 8

Benefits of Exercise

It has enabled me to stay fit 8
It has helped to clear my head of anxieties 10
Exercise has given me another goal to work towards 11
It makes me feel better 2

Reasons For Not Exercising

I would like to exercise but find it physically difficult at the moment 2
I find it difficult to motivate myself to exercise 1
I’d rather direct my energies to other aspects of my recovery 0
Other * 1

Have you changed your diet since your brain tumour?

NO 8
Not answered 11

Affect of diet on recovery

It has made no difference 3
It has adversely affected my recovery and my quality of life 0
It has made a positive difference to my recovery and to my quality of life 4
I don’t know 6

Dietary Changes

Ketogenic Diet 2
Reduced sugar consumption 2
Reduced or Eliminated alcohol consumption 2
Consumed more Plant based foods 1
Reduced or eliminated meat intake 1
Reduced or eliminated coffee consumption 2
Reduced or eliminated processed foods 0

Do you need time alone during the day?

Every day 10
Frequently (but not every day) 5
2-3 times a week 3
Once a week 0
Once a month 1
Never 1
Not answered 6

How do you take time out?

Reading a book 3
Having a meal with friends 1
Having coffee with friends 5
Going to the Movies 0
Sleeping 9
Meditating 6
Watching something at home 5
Exercise 5
Listening to music 3
Playing a musical instrument 1
Writing about my journey 3