(Someone’s Gonna Have to Give Me Back) All Those Wasted Years *

by | May 30, 2000

I used to be blind but now I see
Because a man named Jesus spat on me
I don’t know what happened, I looked away
I saw the sun set, over the bay
all the blindness, all the tears
Someone’s gonna have to give me back the wasted years.

Travelling at speed, on a mindless trip
I stopped for supplies, I picked up a tip
“Stop what you’re doing, go back now”
I considered the options, but I didn’t know how
My minds in a spin, my account’s in arrears
Someone please give me back the wasted years.

Listening to people, who don’t know the road
Visions that tarry, dreams that explode
Hoping the heart, will rise up inside
Following the voice, and resisting the tide
The commandments of men, and the words of the seers
Don’t make amends for the wasted years.

The woman whose flow of life blood won’t cease
The beggar whose crippled, and cannot find peace
The cross of redemption, the thorn in the skin
Cry for attention and struggle within
Throw off the cloak, cast off the fears
Somebody’s gonna have to make up for the wasted years.

I learned my lesson, I learned it well
It cannot be bought, it’s too hard to sell
I strangle my thoughts, on the edge of my bed
And capture the dream inside my head
Through the fog I see the haze that clears
Somebody’s gonna make up for the wasted years.

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019
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joan Senz
12 November 2019 4:31 PM

Here you have captured the twisting within a struggling journey towards ones clarity.