by | Dec 15, 2019

This freedom of speech, how do you defend it

is it so close to your heart that you need to befriend it

dignified silence, jettisoned, forgotten

views contrary, sullied, putrid and rotten


It’s true, everyone has their own secret sadness

for you to have to explain all you see in this madness

to philosophise this disgrace that you need off your chest

and put down or shout out all those views you detest


This freedom to confirm the oppositions you hold

does it make you feel vindicated, righteous or bold

does it trouble you so deeply, that others don’t see it

for what you see clearly, to make you decree it


What is it exactly, that you wish to espouse

I don’t understand, this insight you house

perhaps for us both, in this freedom you quote

please write it down for me, in a kind, friendly note


Can you help me define what this freedom means

so that I can walk safely through the various scenes

I’d like to be guided lest I stumble on hate

so that I am confident to one day approach heaven’s gate


If I read it right there’s no freedom at all

in making others look short so you can make yourself tall

I’m seeing freedom in letting others just be

and what they believe don’t much matter to me.

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019