God Knows Where *

by | Apr 6, 2003


My mother she left me I don’t know where she went

perhaps she never arrived

I left home when I was four years old

I had to survive

I had to survive


I’m sitting with a friend catching up on old times

I tell him my story and he tells me his

I tell him there is a woman involved

There always is, there always is


I’m sitting in a café with a woman from France

She’s wearing earrings of jade

She gets up to leave and I sit there and wait

For time to fade, for time to fade


I’m walking through London with a woman I don’t know

My skin’s cold and bare

I flag down a cab and off we both go

to God knows where, to God knows where


It’s morning when I wake but there’s no one around

I got nothing to share

I put on my coat and go for a walk

to God knows where, to God knows where


It’s cold and it’s wet and I’m a long way from home

I’m in a cheap hotel

There’s nothing I can see that interests me

Well not that I can tell, not that I can tell


I’m standing in a field in “No Mans Land”

All I can do is stare

My memory is clear but my senses have gone

To God knows where, To God knows where


© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019