Guess I’m Doing Fine *

by | Nov 1, 1999 | Songs

You see me in the street and you ask me with a grin
About the life I’m livin and the kind of shape I’m in
Even though I’m lost and lonely
And my heart is on the line
I smile and give my answer
That I guess I’m doing fine.

Your wife and family and your friends
All acknowledge where I’m at
But deep down inside your soul you wish you could be more like that
You don’t know how to help me
Maybe give me Anodyne
Don’t worry friend next time we meet
I’ll still be doing fine.

Satisfied to be a part of a larger grander plan
Trying hard to take my place and still be who I am
You tell me I inspire your cause
You’re always so very kind
But even if my Spirit’s wired
I’ll still be doing fine.

You look at me and I look at you can you see it in my eyes
Trying to sing a lullaby while the new born baby cries
If I came around would you let me in
and give me your best wine
But no need to ask me how I am
‘Cause I guess I’m doing fine.

Thank you for letting me live my life the way I think I should
And telling me of the things of love and faithfulness and good
I’d thank with much more than this
But just treat it as a sign
You don’t have to wait for the answer
I guess I’m doing fine.

Well Hallelujah to the Lord and praise his holy name
Sometimes that’s all ya have to do to show you’re in the game
But pick me up when I am down
And give me half your time
And if you do I’ll be a friend to you
And then you’ll know I’m fine.