I Found You

by Nov 30, 2017Poems

Princes priests and diplomats
are trying to explain
The times that we are living in
the rumbling in my brain
Paupers teachers and railroad men
are searching for a clue
I’ve got my questions but they can wait
because I found you

The sun it rose again today
had nothing on its mind
The tide it turned and clocks stood still
and time it fell behind
Streets are filled with burning wood
and smoke is turning blue
But I kept walking through somehow
until I found you

Literature in the thorns of evening tide
and rain dogs gone astray
Police car pursuits of institutes,
let them go their way
Poets in cafes checking up on their lines
their eyes are stuck like glue
In desperate attempts they’ll muse away
of how I found you.

Religion and solitude are friends again
and God is on my side
The law is still what it pretends to be
and the moon still turns the tide
It’s alright to bleed if the wound will mend
it depends on your point of view
The wounds I have you can’t see them now
because I found you