No One Mentions Her Name *

by | Dec 3, 2002 | Home, Songs

All sorts of things

thoughts tied like lengths of strings

Run through my mind.

Like winding anxiety waiting on her fate

At the watch of hope I wait

From one day to next always the same

Not one mention of her name.


Purpose of caring for what society sees

Collected by charities well earned fees

Say nothing of her beauty.

Silently she speaks and swears at your gaze

Unable to wind through your mental maze

Look not for guilt, look not for shame

But you still will not mention her name.


The snarl of independence carved within her glance

Asking for a second chance

Speak like a child.

Grasp the nettle and stand alone

Stand while the cold wind chills your bone

as the winner’s posted in the frame

You still can’t even say her name.


Reality creeping as time becomes your guide

Fortunate to have people in which to confide

My challenge cannot move you.

Humour’s strength collides with sorrow’s ache

Honest caring can’t waste or fake

Her name, I know you’ll not defame

So why don’t you ever mention her name.


Cruel invasion of life’s comfort

Information on her told as seen fit

Her power is not diminished.

But wait, you tell me of your plans

That include her not, but lonely strands

Expedient expressions make your efforts tame

In making mention of her name.


Peoples actions, peoples words

Isolated by faiths institutionalised lords

Prepare me for her awakening.

Keep her safe and keep her warm

In her red flamed stately form

She’ll push asunder heaven’s gate

Doubt’s high priests head on a plate

In profit or in loss, it’s all the same

Stand aside while I shout her name.