Nothing Else Matters

The table for two is available now, once the staff clear the mess away

and the children stop their crying

mothers do their best at mothering and controlling the noise

we look on we know they’re trying

the food comes after a while, it’s good, not bad, we eat

my friend drops his phone, he bends down, his eyes are fading

I crawl on the floor to find it

as the glass falls to the floor and shatters

and in the moment he reminds me that nothing else matters


The menu, in three parts, folded out for drinks, all day breakfast, eggs on sourdough

order at the counter swipe your card

We have regular, medium, or large and how would you like your eggs

a decision to be made, why, in a time like this, is it so hard

My friend, screwing courage to the sticking place

sits and waits for me to provide

I turn and stall while the lady watches me

the uniformed girl smiles as the seat and table clatters

I know in that moment that nothing else matters


He slaps his hand, what, I’m sorry, I’ve ruined your day, that’s what he’s saying

you’re being ridiculous, you’re my mate I tell him

I’m nearing the end of things, the tide you see, can I stop it he says, it matters not, I’m staying

my brother, my brother, you’re my brother, in my skin

The shopping trolley wheels are squeaking and they’re filled with glassware

everything is on special, the sale price too good to refuse

this place, the place I came to years ago and now my life in tatters

Yet, I know in that moment, nothing else matters

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019

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