Your Brain Tumour Story

Many people going through the brain tumour journey find it, at times, difficult to put into words the heartache, the stress, the emotional upheaval, in fact the upheaval to their lives on many levels. I believe stories are imperative in helping us all become better people. We respond to stories, they are, every day, everywhere we look, we often just don’t see it.

To that end, so that our stories might be told, I have established this template to give your story the kick along that it might need. I for one, as an example, even though I am a storyteller, find it difficult, or perhaps I’m just lazy, to write to the children in Africa that we sponsor. So, to help me, the organisation through which we sponsor these children has made it easier for us, by setting up a template similar to this one.

So, please, start telling your story. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a patient, a parent, a son or daughter, a sister or brother, or a friend. This template provides you a road map to start telling that story. Once you have submitted your story, you’ll receive an emailed PDF of what you have written down. All the best. Yours is most definitely a story worth telling.