Most Common Patient Perspective Responses

In Descending Order


Type of Brain Tumour (view all)
Symptoms (view all)
Age at Diagnosis (view all)
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Surgeon Options (view all)

Initial Research upon Diagnosis (view all)

Time Between Diagnosis & Surgery (view all)
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Questions for the Surgeon (General) (view all)
Questions for the Surgeon (Symptoms) (view all)
Questions for the Surgeon (Prognosis) (view all)
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Questions for the Surgeon (Treatment & Support) (view all)
Medications (view all)
Complimentary & Alternative Therapies
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Memory Loss Issues (view all)
Type of Memory Loss (view all)
Type of Balance Issues (view all)
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Exercise Frequency (view all)
Type of Exercise (view all)
Length of Time Not Driving (view all)
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Impact on Physical & Mental Wellbeing (view all)
Impact on Quality of Life (view all)
Impact on Social Engagement (view all)
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Areas Where Support is Appreciated (view all)
Current Brain Tumour Awareness Roadblocks (view all)
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