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Download Instructions

Once you hit the download button you will be prompted to open your book in either iBooks or Kindle, depending on which device you use. If you are using a PC or Mac the file will be downloaded to your download folder. Simply then open it, when prompted, in either iBooks or Kindle, depending on which programme you use. If you encounter any problems with your download, contact me, using the contact page, and I will ensure you receive a copy.

It’s the work that speaks but there are always questions

Having a website at all is anathema to me. My web developer keeps telling me to post things, which has nothing, presumably, to do with keeping Australia Post afloat. He talks about content, of marketing my wares, so that you, the reader, are constantly aware that I exist, that I have something to say. In this respect, I presume he is right, but still, it goes somewhat against the grain, to kowtow to the gods of modern corporate confections just so that I can satisfy prevailing trends.

But, it seems that, having written a book, as is the modern way of things, you should be able to contact me if you have any thoughts beyond just wanting to read it.

So, as you can see, I have a contact form.