The Sweet Sweet Sound

by | Sep 8, 2019

There’s a sweet sweet sound moving across the settled ground

it whispers in my ear in the morning

like a solitary breeze, whistling through the trees

it summons the birds to cease their yawning


It soothes my pain with the gentle drop of rain

the songbirds far off start their crying

while the howls and screams, the breaking of the seams

tells me he not being born must be dying


The train moves out as the Conductor begins to shout

no one appears to be listening

young women pout with with their blouses hanging out

while the lonely men they cease their whistling


There are people left behind for being poor or being blind

while these thoughts run at angles in my thinking

the rain’s being kind to my ceaseless raging mind

as the Sun’s fading glow is slowly sinking


The sound is in tune as I bathe in its afternoon

the tables and chairs are being shifted

the couples leaving soon hold hands beneath the moon

while they wait for the evening clouds to be lifted


The sweet sound leaves its gifts as the music gently shifts

the rhythm of the drum beat it grows stronger

the sound maintains it’s dance, it offers up it’s chance

to soothe my brain a little longer


And the birds they chime with their imaginary rhyme

while the voice in my head maintains it’s striving

the rain it descends as if to make amends

it offers no regrets with its arriving


The angels stare at me as my eyes they struggle free

from the binds that want to try and keep me

from the names being protected by the ones whom we elected

while under the rug they try and sweep me

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019