Wisdom Cries in the Street

by Aug 12, 2017Poems

Wisdom cries in the street
The humble rise to their feet
to kick their shoes off
before they hit the road

The politics of sin
the times we are living in
reveal the times
before the times explode

Businessmen in suits
sordid new recruits
Trading places
across the marbled halls

Managers in drag
recite the lunch time brag
Put on makeup
and kiss the corporate whores

Wisdom gets up from its bed
makes sure we’re all fed
wipes its mouth
and leaves without a sound

It takes its heavy load
down the long and winding road
and whispers softly
just to show its still around

The rich and poor alight
with the same old appetite
they check their tickets
and wipe their faces clean

The many blame the few
the old they blame the new
and fix the news
so wisdom’s never seen

Wisdom’s bloodied head
it makes sure it’s not dead
twirls around
to read the daily news

It scratches the itch not seen
remembers where it’s been
and yells to men
who offer up their views

The greats of literature
They summon him for her
and jot down thoughts
that jangle in their bones

The spectacles and shows
deliver mighty blows
and whisper secrets
in muted overtones

Wisdom stands on the grave
deciding who to save
and racks its brain
for a simple word to use

Killing fields of the soul
Democracy in a bowl
the people say
the people have to choose

The words of poets lost
the tragic holocaust
speaks in prose
that no one understands

The Lion lays down with the Lamb
it’s true it ain’t a scam
scowls at rulers
who sit back on their hands

Wisdom stands at the gate
Checking out who’s late
Taking notes
for the good of all concerned

I’m standing within range
of the hungry and the strange
whose love has died
whose hopes have crashed and burned

© copyright Stephen Newman 2005