Writing on the Wall *

by Dec 2, 2002

There’s a sign in the window saying the stores are closed

The doors are barricaded and the pipes they froze

They say that pride it comes before a fall

I think it’s got something to do with the writing on the wall

I can’t see far, but I can see the truth

I can see a man over there standing on the roof

He’s shouting something he’s standing tall

He said “can’t you see the writing on the wall.”

I heard on the news that it won’t be long

Before the words on the wall turn into a song

If it happens real soon someone’s certain to call

There’s dust on the ground cause there ain’t no rain

You can’t make money if there ain’t no grain

No time to waste, there’s no time to stall

But before you go check the writing on the wall

You can pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

You can recite poetry, fly the flag

The voice of reason is breaking the law

But it don’t change the writing on the wall.

I traded my goods for a change of luck

I put all my wisdom in the back of a truck

Headed for a village by the seashore

I’m getting older but I still got my youth

I know I’m alive I’m just looking for the proof

There’s an old woman crying, she knows me I’m sure

She’s crying about the writing on the wall

Well love is in the air it’s been here all day

Don’t know whether to breathe it in or keep it at bay

The children are shouting not to stumble or fall

They’re reading the writing on the wall

It don’t matter if it rains all day

The writing on the wall it won’t wash away

Scratch the surface just to make sure

Everyone’s busy, everyone’s tired

People being born and people being fired

You can’t learn to run before you crawl

Perhaps you forgot to read the writing on the wall

History teaches not to act too wise

And the quickest don’t always get the prize

Riches don’t matter, they don’t matter at all

What really matters is the writing on the wall.