A Place to Breathe

by | Aug 22, 2019

My, what a lovely place you have, you must be very proud

I love your modern furniture and the space that you’ve allowed

the kitchen is so stylish, are these appliances new?

I’d love one of those in our place, I’ll bet that cost a few

The family room is so tidy, how do you keep it clean

We have a lady come each week, we call her Mrs Sheen


The paintings are from Milan and Rome, we got them on the way

with a brief sojourn in Florence where we have a place we stay

I noticed they’re not from here but this one is local art

Yes, that one’s Aboriginal, we thought we’d make a start

I love what you’ve done with the hallway, it simply is divine

It’s marble yes? or slate perhaps, it has a lovely subtle shine


We’re going hiking in Alaska, once all this is over

it’s always been a goal of ours, to trek amongst the tussocks and the clover

That sounds like fun, it will provide you some perspective

Yes, one must be careful where one treads, one needs to be selective

We have some friends in Aspen, we’ll drop in for a week

we’ll do some business if there’s time, some advice, a tip, a tweak


The architraves we thought we’d add, to give the hallway style

I can see that, you’ve succeeded, I can see for a country mile

Well, we thought we’d add an extra room but we managed to add two

You never know who’ll come to stay, there’s room for quite a few

I’ll show you around the garden if you have a little time

We’ve planted some Gardenias, some hedges and a Lime


I must say, the view you have is something to behold

I’d imagine when you took this in you straight away were sold

Yes, the water’s lovely isn’t it, it soothes me when I’m here

and the neighbours can’t see over, in case they want to leer

The driveway’s unpretentious but there’s lots of room to park

The garage was built to incorporate safe ingress after dark


Was the total renovation costly? I do not wish to pry

these things can blow out needlessly if we don’t keep an eagle eye

Oh it certainly went beyond but it’s what we both expected

we covered it rather easily after my fees were all collected

I’ll show you the master bedroom, and my study if you like

We’ve added a gym, a theatre and a place to ride my bike


We’ll be dining on the balcony, there’s a very pleasant breeze

Would you like another glass of wine and perhaps a little cheese

Is that an elevator, does it go to every floor

Of course, the spiral stairway can always exercise the core

Yes, it goes down to the basement where we’ve had the cellar built

There are hundreds resting, ageing well, amongst the rock and silt


Where do you entertain the most, is it inside or is it out

It doesn’t really matter, we like to move about

The children seem to like it, they park themselves downstairs

their friends they come and go, they don’t put on any airs

besides, when we’re away, the Nanny holds the fort

go easy on that wine, after dinner there is Port


It must be gratifying to know that your hard work is rewarded

Ah, yes indeed, our Summer home as well, we’re glad to have afforded

It’s also satisfying to collect the things that all that life can offer

Can’t say we don’t deserve it, is all that I will proffer

You’re to be congratulated but it’s time for me to leave

Your house it is magnificent but I need a place to breathe

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019

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22 August 2019 1:06 PM

Wondrous. Who ever could this be about?

Richard Andrew
22 August 2019 8:03 PM

Oh did you really have to paint my reality Steve?
Just needs a few chords now.