Bleed for Mary


It’s a recurring theme invading my senses

I’m lining up images all in a row
They’re blowing up bridges and cutting down fences
But I keep on moving but my moving is slow

If there’s a way through then I’d like to find it
Feel the redemption of my history

Offer your opinion I probably won’t mind it
And go on the road that you cannot see

I leaned on the window I could see a reflection

It looked back through me saw me naked and bare
It dissected my conscience it took every section
Left me wide open to societies glare

Well onward I travelled trying to make my own progress
Stalled by the enemy of falling in line

Trying to slice the failure from success

Eating off dinner plates that were not really mine

I unravelled gifts given for no reason

Worked out assumptions that were scraped to the bone
Gifts that were given for only one season

Taken away to leave me alone

Well it tries to destroy me tries to keep me from living
Tries to get me to eat what is shoved in my face
It’s too early to tell if the lies are forgiven

And the complex equation that I’m trying to trace

There’s a battle outside but there’s no trace of bloodshed
There’s people who look like they’re settling in

Their masters are hoping that they can stay well fed

And me, well I’m hoping for an end to this din

There’s peace on earth now well that ‘s what I’ve been told
It’s allowing me to get on with doing my thing

But there’s no price tag on it ‘cause every things been sold
All I can do is throw my hat in the ring

Well I’m weary from walking but I got to keep going
There’s a slice of the action just over the hill

I’m picking up pace but I seem to be slowing

But I ain’t too old that I got to beg for a thrill

There ‘s a rich man waiting he’s got business he’s doing
Waiting for someone to name him his price

I’ve got what he wants it ’s not me that he ’s fooling
There’s no time to waste there’s no time to think twice.