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The Flip-Side

Every now and then you’ll hear someone begin a sentence with “I’m no expert but …” which will invariably, though not always, precede a monologue resembling a passing acquaintance to the subject at hand, presenting little more than their pre-conceived internalised version of the truth. This is not knowledge, it’s ideology.

Ideology is rarely founded in kindness or intellectual rigour, it’s usually founded in the preservation of power, in privilege, prejudice, in any or all its manifest forms, or in fear, or a combination of all of those things. Ideology preserves injustice, destruction of environment, marginalisation of minorities, racism, institutionalised discrimination, species extinction, preservation of privilege, high-office graft, and corruption, which makes something like The Flip-Side necessary.

This collection of juxtaposed journalism, reportáge, analysis, stories and academic research, collated from the vast Chronicles Library, presents us with more to think about, so that we don’t merely give way to an anti-intellectual consortium that suggests that we can base our conclusions on little more than a pre-conceived notion of the truth. Speaking truth to power is uncomfortable for those with that power, empowering for those who speak it and liberating for those who know it. Or, to put it another way – we’re shining a light into some dark corners and turning over some rocks – and who wouldn’t want that.

The Flip-Side is a place to assist us to, as Plato put it, bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge – it’s a report on the state-of-play. Should we keep doing it? You tell me. Click on the topic to read the article or hover anywhere over the card to read the “flip-side.” Read on.


Republished under Creative Commons Licence