Holy Ground *

by | Jun 17, 2000

Walking seems hard and my thoughts deplete

My head’s on my pillow but I cannot sleep

There’s a voice that is calling me to come around

And stand in silence on Holy Ground

It’s days and it’s years and it never shifts

But it warms and it cools and scatters and sifts

the promise of ages and the hope that abounds

Takes me and leads me to the Holy Ground

Temperance and knowledge exist in the space

That is kept for the woman who will take her place

Loves lost is nowhere, nowhere to be found

When you find what you’re after on the Holy Ground

The man that supposes that it cannot be

Trapped by his own insecurity

Wake from my slumber and make no sound

And stake my claim on Holy Ground

Stripped of my senses I wait for the voice

To guide me through the trouble and noise

I take off my shoes take my place on the mound

And realise I’m standing on Holy Ground

The rest of tomorrow and the pain of today

Waits for the keeper to walk my way

His breath is my future and his voice doesn’t pound

I’m resting in peace on Holy Ground

I laugh through tears of joy now complete

and wander through gardens with wings on my feet

I kiss the darkness and hear the resound

And set my feet on Holy Ground.

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2000

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