I Remembered Yesterday

by | Aug 14, 2019

I remembered yesterday the times that I have with you

And visions of the grateful days and all that I have wished for you

I’d stand out in the wind and cold and meet you in the rain

and offer no patronising words to beat us up or take away our pain

I profess my tongue you turned it round from darkness into light

I’d confess to hold you till the world does end and kiss you in the night.


I remembered yesterday when all we had was this

to hold your hand and wait for worlds – to collide and reminisce

The whispers from those who wondered about our contented, yearned for mystery

it does not matter, nothing does – as we author our own history

I’ll gather up my longings and with them I will bring to you

all that I have summoned – and all that I can sing to you.


I remembered yesterday about today, your eyes of flint and steel

I remembered how you won the war of knowing how I’d feel

My fire it burns and aches in me that I cannot give you more

but in your eyes I see that what I have is is all that I adore

So in the morning when I can see – that you give me what is best

I lean my frame towards you and say “it’s time for you to rest.”

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019