There’ll be no peace in the Middle East *

by | Jan 10, 2006 | 0 comments

I met an old man down in lebanon

been walking the streets since the day he was born

told me the story of palestine and the jews

most of it was old, all of it was in the news

he said there’s wars between them wondered if it would ever cease

‘cause there is no peace in the middle east


a kind hearted woman in israel

looking out from where the walls of jericho fell

she had lines on her windows and shadows under her eyes

she had a job separating the truth from among the lies

she wakes every morning to gaze upon the fleece

‘cause there’ll be no peace in the middle east


judges called in whose principles cannot be blamed

accusing the blacklisted rebels of being ashamed

cornered in the background the pilgrims are praying for rain

lifeless puppets of peacemakers ruling in vain

the next batter up is marking out his crease

but there’ll be no peace in the middle east


there’s children in egypt wondering the wilderness

speaking the black and white language of the oppressed

patting the hound dogs who bite them in the neck

flies in the ointment who cannot be kept in check

gazing out from gaza to the landscape of the deceased

cause there’ll be no peace in the middle east


men of the law drinking coffee in tel aviv

deciding who gets to die and who gets to live

well the next morning comes and there’s papers for people to sign

signatures witnessed by waters that turn into wine

visiting friends bring wheels to go with the grease

cause there’ll be no peace in the middle east

© copyright – Stephen Newman 2019

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