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  • Cover up: concealing gov't decisions… Coalition accused of trying to avoid scrutiny after audit office budget cut… Government refuses to release conflict-of-interest disclosures from Covid commission members… environmental rule changes kept secret …
  • more… critical Covid-19 data held back… 'Blanket secrecy' surrounds weapons sales to countries accused of war crimes… Sydney airport land deal… Brian Houston cover-up smacks of government secrecy and deception … Coalition 'stacking' tribunals with ideological friends …
  • Climate change denial: Government wants to bail out coal-fired generators. Guess who’ll pay?… Covid Commission advised Morrison to underwrite gas pipelines, but ignored green jobs… Frydenberg pushed AGL to sack boss because they closed a coal mine… Australia ranks last for climate action among UN member countries
  • more… Morrison says gas will ‘always’ be a major contributor to Australia’s prosperity… Climate Change warnings: the signs that were missed (and ignored)… Australia’s climate effort slammed ‘simply embarrassing’, among worst in the G20… Morrison says no evidence links Australia's carbon emissions to bushfires
  • Secrecy: government fights to keep secret documents that may show ‘what went wrong’ with RoboDebt… Secrecy in trial of Witness K lawyer an offence against open justice… Government refuses to release conflict-of-interest disclosures from Covid commission members… Australia May Well Be the Worldʼs Most Secretive Democracy
  • more …Scott Morrison's office met freedom of information deadlines in only 7.5% of cases … Sports rorts: Coalition blocking release of Phil Gaetjens’ secret report citing cabinet exemption… record number of secret budget items … Coalition’s push for secret trials: behaviour of a tin-pot dictatorship
  • Accountability: Smug silence and dogged stonewalling… Why can politicians so easily dodge accountability for their mistakes?… Australian ministers bypassing parliament to create laws… NBN Co bonuses, pandemic spending queries go unanswered… Dutton slashed funding for highly regarded community safety projects - selected his own list
  • more… Scott Morrison's persistent effort to sidestep accountability for aged care is utterly transparent… The scandals he walks past: In Morrison’s government, a lack of accountability has become systemic … funding slashed for community safety projects… PM saying Ministers have no case to answer… little action on Royal Commission(s) findings …
  • Questions to Answer: Morrison deflected parliamentary questions to other ministers almost 200 times since becoming PM … Scott Morrison refuses to say if he wanted Hillsong's Brian Houston invited to White House… Scott Morrison refuses to take questions about timing of changes to sports grants
  • more… PM criticised for silent treatment at coronavirus presser … Scott Morrison refuses to release notes of call with NSW police chief over doctored document… PM’s problem with keeping secrets… ‘Basic’ question Scott Morrison still can’t answer
  • Incompetence: We're losing the vaccination race because of bungling, not bad luck … We have seen Morrison’s best, and it wasn’t much… Why is the Morrison government so bad at getting things done?… 'Incompetence attack': MyGov website did not crash because of DDoS cyber attack, as Stuart Robert claimed…
  • more… Backflip to the home: NBN to upgrade FttN areas with fibre… Scott Morrison just isn't good at his job… Scott Morrison defends aged care minister who didn't know number of Covid deaths… Why New Zealand outplayed Australia on the NBN… Greg Hunt has failed to vaccinate the nation and must go
  • Aged Care: Major Australian aged care provider reveals just 15% of staff vaccinated as sector demands changes to rollout… Aged care royal commission hears there are around 50 sexual assaults a week of residents nationally… Coalition ignored warnings system needed Covid tracking system… Why is nursing home food so bad?
  • more… Royal Commission report condemns Federal Government… over 30 inquiries and nothing has been fixed… aged care reform trumped by re-announcements… Government breaks another promise to aged care workers… Experts slam rules allowing private sector staff to work at multiple aged care sites… Aged care has been failing for years
  • Ignoring Experts: Morrison ignored chief health officers’ advice… Top economists back boosts to JobSeeker and social housing over tax cuts in pre-budget poll… Morrison government 'ignored' Climate Change Authority's advice on Covid recovery… New gas-fired power not needed as renewable energy expands says AEMO…
  • more… Australia's Reserve Bank fuels call for post-pandemic renewables push … Reserve bank governor warns against lowering jobseeker payment… Treasury cautioned Scott Morrison over cutting jobkeeper payment… Money for social housing, not home buyers grants, is the key to construction stimulus
  • Propaganda: Peddling government propaganda, media over-hypes “drums of war” with China… The Australian government is putting economic storytelling ahead of evidence… Violent propaganda an 'enormous challenge' for security agencies amid rising rightwing threat… The Morrison Government has the commentary. But what about the answers?…
  • more… Real reform in aged care trumped by re-announcements and a deluge of cash… Scott Morrison is good at promising but not at delivering… Jedi mind tricks, rebadging disasters into triumphs – and getting away with it… $600m election slush fund… Media code rivals climate policy for absurdity… Economic storytelling replacing evidence
  • Hypocrisy: Morrison says: "the government can’t allow lifeline [to] hold Australia back… Morrison says banking royal commission a 'populist whinge’… the moral deadening… Micro-aggression and deflection, when we want an apology and a solution… Australia’s cricket stars are back but it’s not a double standard, right?
  • more… I have never seen, over 50 years, a more slippery customer than Morrison… Scott Morrison lectured states against border closures – now he’s done exactly that… Morrison claims he never mocked electric vehicle technology… Morrison blames Atagi doctors for vaccine rollout… Morrison gaslights female critics to distract from criticism …
  • Prime Ministerial Lies: Lies upon lies | The only thing ramping up is the shamelessness of the PM’s falsehoods… Straight-faced and bald-faced: the political lies that hoodwink the public… A Dossier of Lies and Falsehoods…
  • more… Morrison's lies cover a lack of substance — and a lack of interest in leading… Morrison lied about sexual harassment complaint about journalist … All politicians lie, but Scott Morrison's untruths transcend the usual… Morrison lied about claims that other countries have plans for an increase in gas power plants
  • Corruption: public money funding Party research… Liberal party donor’s revenue from uncontested contracts for offshore processing rises to $1.5bn … culture of corruption engulfing the Morrison government… Barnaby Joyce signed off $80m for Angus Taylor’s old company after zero was paid for same sort of water nearby
  • more: $30m Western Sydney airport land deal 'looks like' a cover-up, says infrastructure chief… stalling on anti-corruption body legislation … Coalition's plan for anti-corruption body a 'sham' set up to protect MPs, says former judge … Scott Morrison’s No. 1 value is seeing the country rot from the head down
  • Conflict of Interest: Investigation that cleared MP Michael Sukkar of wrongdoing was carried out by his old law firm… Sleaze and self interest is everywhere… Mining giants make fresh bid to explore for gas with licence that covers land owned by Barnaby Joyce
  • more: ‘Culture of Cosiness’: colossal conflicts of interest in Defence spending blitz… Josh Frydenberg was 'keen' to accommodate Angus Taylor's grassland requests, documents suggest… Angus Taylor met with environment department even as it investigated company he part-owns… Covid Commission ignores conflict of interest issues of pro-gas taskforce
  • Fossil Fuel Sector: Federal govt loan for new QLD coal mine criticised by campaigners… Grant of $3.3m for Shine Energy approved despite not being appropriate - auditor general… Coal seam gas company pushes to drill hundreds of new wells at off-limits QLD site… NSW ‘pandering’ to Morrison govt by declaring Hunter Valley gas-fired power station essential
  • more: The world is moving away from fossil fuels, while in Australia, it’s all systems go for coal and gas… Fossil Fuel Fiesta: Australia's coal and gas giants get more in subsidies than they pay in royalties… RioTinto to receive ARENA grant… BHP granted approval to increase emissions …
  • Renewables: Coalition vetoes funding for wind and battery farm in northern Queensland… AEMO says electricity grid can run on 75% renewables … New CSIRO, AEMO study confirms wind, solar and storage beat coal, gas and nuclear…
  • more: Frydenberg overruled dept to block wind-farm… CSIRO/AEMO say solar/wind cheaper than coal or gas … Renewable energy could render five of Australia’s remaining coal plants unviable by 2025… 45,000 renewables jobs are Australia’s for the taking – but how many will go to coal workers?
  • Environmental Vandalism: Ocean Waste: how plastic recyclers downplay use of new plastics… Morrison govt flouts own review by proposing 'watered down' environmental standards… Major report excoriated Australia's environment laws… How the budget undervalued conservation: 16 World Heritage sites received less than Sydney Harbour
  • more… Let there be no doubt: blame for our failing environment laws lies squarely at the feet of government… Scientists fear Coalition's push to deregulate environmental approvals will lead to extinction crisis… Australia’s plans for a $2 billion airstrip in the Antarctic is environmental vandalism… Australia land clearing is greater than in Brazil …
  • Energy Policy: government appoints ex gas executive to clean energy regulator… gas and coal recipients of $50m grants from CCS fund… Snowy Hydro to use government subsidy to dominate market … Norway’s giant oil fund ditches stake in Australia's AGL over fossil fuel concerns
  • more… IEA warns against new fossil fuel projects… AEMO says new gas-fired power not needed… up to 11,000 renewable energy jobs could be lost under Morrison government policies… Revisiting failed climate strategy of CCS renders investors speechless… Norway’s giant oil fund ditches stake in Australia's AGL over fossil fuel concerns
  • Climate Science: Coalition's push to deregulate environmental approvals will lead to extinction crisis … environmental laws will fuel further public health crises … Rising levels of carbon dioxide increasing extreme weather events in Australia… Scientists’ warning on affluence
  • more: Australia’s energy exports increase global greenhouse emissions, not decrease them … Snowy 2.0 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing – it will push carbon emissions up … Scientists dismiss claim warm water from N. hemisphere damaging reef… Climate change could spark 'global systemic crisis', scientists warn
  • Totalitarianism: Fascism is alive in Australia… The growth of digital surveillance… The government is clamping down on charities — and it could have a chilling effect on peaceful protest… A warning against another Morrison government… Ministers increasingly bypassing parliament to create laws…
  • more… Greens denounce secret prisoner case as evidence Australia is an 'authoritarian state'… Coalition legal action sends chills through whistleblowers… Research reveals shocking detail on how Australia’s environmental scientists are being silenced… Morrison pledges to outlaw climate boycotts, arguing they threaten the economy
  • Mental Health: Budget’s mental health pledges rely on deals with states and workers that don’t exist… Government’s response to mental health crisis like a ‘Yes… Minister’ episode… suicide research is clear: more urgent action required to address Covid-19 fallout …
  • more… how Australia’s mental health system lets young people down… RACP says withholding treatment for transgender youth ‘unethical’… question for the treasurer: how do you treat mental health without measuring well-being? …
  • Refugees: How businesses could hire more refugees and gain a strategic advantage … Fact check: Does Australia spend more on offshore processing than the UN spends on refugee programs in South East Asia?… 'Every day I am crushed': the stateless man held without trial by Australia for eight years
  • more… government spends $3.4m for each person in offshore detention… government legalises ‘a crime against humanity’ … If you think Australia making an example of a sick three-year-old is an exception, think again… Refugees have fled to Australia seeking a better life, but many are in limbo
  • Foreign Policy: Australia spending less on diplomacy than ever… DFAT slashes dozens of jobs… Australia’s special forces beyond repair … ‘The West humiliated them’: what white people don’t understand about China
  • more… Australia must change its mindset, especially on international affairs… Australia would be wise not to pound ‘war drums’ over Taiwan with so much at stake… Australia is spending less on diplomacy than ever before – and its influence is suffering as a result
  • NDIS: Documents leaked from secretive NDIS taskforce… Robo-debt public servants now shaping the NDIS… seven-year plot to undermine the NDIS … I love the NDIS but fear it is now an ideological plaything for politicians
  • more… Government called in private law firms to fight a third of NDIS cases… ‘Robo-planning’ will ‘blow-up’ NDIS: key architect… new 'God power' will upend the NDIS … NDIS changes would kick Australians off $22 billion Morrison government scheme… Secret NDIS report warns of backlash unless government is ‘seen’ to have listened
  • Disenfranchisement of Women: How Scott Morrison gaslights female critics to distract from criticism… Gender bias in medicine and medical research is still putting women's health at risk… Gender equality in Australia deteriorates again, yet the rage for change remains undaunted…
  • more: PM claimed safety concerns for not meeting with women at Parliament House… PM declares Christian Porter innocent… Crocodile tears no mask for Coalition's economic war on women… Disrespect of female MPs has a long history, it won't end until we understand it… Women hit hardest by coronavirus job losses and now they're 'left out' of the budget
  • Inequality: 3 billion people cannot afford a healthy diet … ‘I was desperate’: the fight to get Australia’s fruit pickers a fair wage | Australian trade unions… Home owners rewarded in budget as homelessness continues to surge… Will we ever see a socially responsible budget?… Winding back JobKeeper and JobSeeker will push 740,000 Australians into poverty
  • more: You can't talk about disaster risk reduction without talking about inequality… Inequality in the OECD is at a record high – and society is suffering as a result… Coronavirus highlights the painful political truth about health inequality. Is social democracy the answer?… There are many good ideas to tackle inequality – it’s time we acted on them
  • First Nations: deaths in custody… Uluru statement… (PM vetoes) voice to parliament… defunding Aboriginal health programs… PM claims post-colonisation slavery did not exist …
  • more: 'These aren't random events': calls grow for greater police accountability over Indigenous arrests… PM patronises with word change to anthem… only 2 Closing the Gap targets on track - PM gaslights aboriginal people …



"Only those who don't seek power are qualified to hold it." - Plato
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